Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The research opportunites available to students are tremendous.


My school has an ratio of girls to guys of 3 to 1. It is a tech savy school, where you will find the most interesting personalities with a broad range of backgroud and ideas. I love the diversity.


Being from Seattle I had not seen too much of the Eastcoast. I love to talk about all the places I got to go and the different people I got to meet from thanks to joining the cycling team. We raced every weekend and got to get away from campus and all the studying to have a blast racing for our school. Some of my closest friends at school all are from cycling club and I'm so glad I got involved in that and that I have them as friends.


I brag abou the classes, and social life. theres always something to do on campus. there are movies put on every Friday and Saturday night, numerous Lectures and other communty building activities.


I brag about what I'm doing and what I'm learning. Even outside of the classroom I still do work. As an Electrical/Computer engineering student, most of my friends back home are "geeky". We love the lastest technological gadget and can't wait to buy it. Well at school I have the opertunity to sit in a lab with a circuit board and play with to make it do what I want, and even better yet, to understand everything that board is doing. That is what I brag to my friends about the most.


The campus is the perfect size and the classes are challenging and career-focused. Graduating RPI would mean a promising career most likely in an engineering field (as the school is widely tech and engineering based), a good thing especialy in today's job market.


When I discuss my school to my friends most of the bragging is done in name alone. RPI is well known across the nation as the oldest technological university in the United States; It also has one of the best division I hockey teams out there. However, when I wish to brag about my school I never discuss either. My first thought about my school is more of a personal one. Since I've been at RPI I have made an abundance of friends. This is all due to the good charactered students that RPI seems abundent in.


I always brag about how everyone is so nice. The professors and other students make me feel so comfortable that I feel at home no matter where I am on campus. The first day in our eating hall people would sit down with complete strangers and made life long friends.


The amount we're learning is ridiculous. The school is well known for being a top engineering school, and hopefully this means that I'll get a great job.


I brag about the talents and knowledge of my friends at my school, what i've learned at my school, and the facilities my school has.


We work hard and we play hard.


girls are treated like gold


-the alumni who went here. -the look of the campus. -the courses I take.


This school offers so many posiblilities for success in the future. There is almost a one hundred percent placement rate into either graduate school or the work force. Also, this is one of the best engineering schools in the nation.


The look of the campus and the future job opportunities .


There is so much to do at RPI. You need to definitely check it out. The expense is worth it in the end.


Students here are some of the brightest minds, i believe, in the entire world. New and innovative ideas are practiced here every day and are changing the world as we speak.


Great classes, strong reputation




how much fun i've had with the people i know and have become my family at RPI, since there isn't much to do off campus you find entertainment and learn a lot about the people you care about.

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