Rhode Island College Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


Honestly, I recommend that before choosing your classes each semester, you should look at the ratings on ratemyprofessor.com. This is not just a RIC thing, but it should be used for every school! This helps you to understand what the teacher expects before you even get in the classroom. I used it to pick my classes for the next semester, and I was able to choose good professors who will help me to better my skills. I have also noticed that professors are teaching differently than their reviews said, which shows me that the teachers read the reviews and care about helping the students to learn better. I am not trying to say that the teachers are bad, but students tend to learn different and this website allows you to match up with a professor that you will hopefully be comfortable with.


I have had really good professors. Most professors are available to talk after class or during office hours and really get to know you. Even after a semester ends, a professor you had will still recognize you around campus and say hi.

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