Rhode Island College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is the person who is looking for a close knit and a community environment.


That's the thing, anybody could come to this school, there is a program for almost everything and there are clubs for every area of interest, so anybody could feel welcome here and be able to fit right in.


Someone who is career driven. Someone who is determined and wants a bright future.


Rhode Island College has a few programs that are very well known, so I would say if the person knew they wanted to be a nurse or teacher, RIC has the perfect program.


If you are okay with not having so many people on campus. There will be people on campus, but you would have to be okay with seeing more people during the day than througout the whole day.


A person who enjoys fun and egaging classes of small sizes should attend this school. Someone who is accademically driven, bey enjoys having fun should come to this school.


If someone were seriously interested in pursuing a professional career, then Rhode Island College would be their best starting point. The College is a clean campus with excellent undergraduate programs and up-to-date online portals. A degree from RIC opens so many doors for a student to attend a graduate school to further their education.


Rhode Island College is the perfect college for working students. it offers innumerables options and opportunities for students that have many responsabilities inside and outside school. the kind of people that should attend this college should be creative, hard working, determine and persistent.


A person who doesn't like much excitement or plans on transferring before they graduate.


Anyone can attend Rhode Island College because there are a plethora of majors to choose from.


This school is one of Rhode Island's best kept secrets. It's right at the center of the state, so it's easy commuting distance from any where in the state. It's a small campus, so getting lost is never a problem. And above all, its highly affordable. Rhode Island College is for students who want a great education but don't want to land in debt upon graduating.


A liberal arts and research oriented student. A student that is interested in advocating for person's rights and working in the public sector. There are business and health related majors offered at the college as well, so it would suit the practical minded individual.


Anybody who wants a sufficient and decently priced education should come to RIC. This is also a good college for those who live and plan to go to school in RI, and those who would like to enter the fields of Education or Nursing.


I would recommend this institution to anyone.


A person who is looking for a friendly, fun, calm, cool, comfortable and diverse learing environment. Also a person wants to be focus in there school workand experience an sense of indepenece should attend this school.


Anyone who wishes to get a well-rounded education at a very reasonable price.


A person who wants to become someone in the future.


Someone who is open and looking for diversity


Someone with either really low self-esteem, or someone who wants to start off somewhere easy in order to move up to somewhere more challenging.


This school is good for anyone who wants an education. Stick to your guns, where there is a will, there is a way.


A person who is looking for a basic education for a reasonable price. Those who do not yet have inteneded majors. Those interested in education, nurding, business, or the social work field. Those who appreciate a smaller classroom size.


someone who can't afford a really great school. basically that is the only reason to come to this school because it is very disorganized. if i had my parents helping me pay for school then i would have gone somewhere else.


Someone who wants to have a lot of fun in college, and is looking for someplace to have an easy transition from high school to college. Also, there are a lot of activities and programs, so someone active that likes to make friends is ideal, but you are really free to do as you wish.


I would say that individulas interested in the Nursing, Business, or Teaching program should come to this college.


A liberal person looking for a small school with a good teacher education program that does not mind taking an extra year or two to get a high quailty education.

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