Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

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There is so much racial diversity. People from all over the world attend my school for its education.


The Rhode Island School of Design is unique in almost every category I can think of. What sticks out to me the most though, is the level of acceptance that everyone holds as a characteristic, regardless of their backgrounds. It amazes me that in my class, there are literally students from all over the world and yet nothing seems odd or repelling to them. It seems as though everyone is standing with open arms, ready to listen and appreciate everyone's own character and upbringing.


This school allows you to pursue just about any artistic study with little to hold you back.


I feel like other art schools don't put an emphasis on school spirit or community, whereas at RISD I'm a part of something larger than myself -- I'm part of a body of students all committed to the same goals I am. And as similar as we all are in that way, the way each of us chooses to reach those goals will be unique, but supported by our fellow classmates, unlike other colleges.


It is an art school.


I'm pretty sure RISD is the best art school in the U.S., except maybe Cooper Union which is impossible to get into.


It's art school.


the risd name looks impressive to everyone else. the workload here is intense and students pull all nighters frequently.


Seen as #1 in the world, easy to get work in art feild when done


we all are good at what we do, we all are valuable in one shape or form ---- and all are working hard to be here, no one here "just got in".... very few other schools can say that about their students


The best art program is provided. Students can express whatever they want to express whether its their imagination or feeling. Very liberally living their own life. Whatever they do, students believe that's an art.