Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends about how friendly and diverse the student body is and about the classes and facilities. I often talk about how stimulating the assginments and teachers are as well. Sometimes I even brag about my sleep deprivation.


I brag about all the lectures I get to go to. Weird RISD parties, pretty good cafeteria food, amazing resources and new technology


Other than the fact that my school is the best design school in the country and it is in the "nation's creative capital", Providence, RI, my school has students that have a great sense of community and what working and living together means in a college environment.


The environment. There is no other place like it--students, faculty, everyone is motivated and excited about design and art. Everyone comes from an extremely different background and so your perspective of life grows as well as your abilities- your skills and your ideas.


Maybe how good it is... how art companies always hire people from my school


The environment/scene of RISD is what makes it stand out beyond other schools. It is extremely challenging and innovative.


Allows students to be honest and make great artwork.


It's ranked as number one, THE BEST art school. It is known as Harvard of Art School. Other school like SAIC is where all the shits who didn't get accepted to our school belongs!


we are the best