Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Anybody who has attended RISD will tell you that the amount of work we are assigned everyday is close to impossible. I often struggle with balancing school work with actually having a life.


The stress and guilt for taking large loan amounts to pay tuition.


The worst thing about my school is that everyone is so equally talented it is hard to get noticed.


RISD's mission statement highlights the schools desire to make a positive impact recognizing global and environmental needs and their importance. RISD fails from a green/eco perspective, many students do to know how to recycle, do not care to recycle and have blatant disregard for environmental concerns-(use of energy, basic recycling etc) the school does not actively educate nor require or acknowledge this problem. Publicly they claim to encourage and support green thinking yet they do little to educate students to common environmentally friendly principles. This goes against what RISD claims are it's common principles. False advertising.


The worst thing about this school may be its bubble. Most students live on-campus, and in an area where most of the residents in the city are state locals, it can be difficult to have a close association with them and vice versa. There are too few people that socialize with people outside of Risd and Brown University and our worlds become extremely small and too school and career oriented.


Cost. Tuition is in the realm of 42,000 and that is excluding room and board.


the worst thing is probably the cost. they really don't give enough money to those who need it and the school store is overpriced. i will have about 200 thousand dollars of debt when i graduate.


the tuition fee. It is true that its the economy that effects our yearly increase in tuition fee. Despite the pressure it gives for many students to work harder, we many times question where all that money go to. Because sometimes in some classes we dont believe it is worth the money we are paying.


There's a lot of competition and not much sense of community. People tend to be selfish and spoiled. This is one of the few places I know where the campus and administrative staff care vastly more about the environment than the students.


The worst thing is the on campus transportation. Safe Rides is terrible and not there when you need them.


The lack of diversity and the overwhelming conservative anti-anything not Christian, straight, and rich. It's frustrating.


it needs more diversity, needs to be less pretentious, part time job that takes you away from campus, the cost of living very expense


There needs to be a larger, more approachable staff in the counseling office. With only a few counselors available for students, many are not getting the help they need. Also, because of the rigorous schedules that students have here at RISD, they are often unable to fit necessary counseling time into their schedules. The counseling office, if they expanded their staff and their open hours, would be able to tend to the needs of emotionally unstable students much more effectively.