Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Rhode Island School of Design?


Relating to the first answer above, it honestly does not matter what kind of person attends this school because regardless of any facor, they will be welcomed. It is a school that appreciates what one can contribute to the school, the faculty, and the students. Having stated that, I believe everyone has something to contribute. So if everyone has something to contribute, then everyone is welcome to attend.


If you are unsure if art is what you want to spend the rest of your life doing, then doon't come to this school. The intensive work ethic required to complete assignments and survive the multiple eight hour studios leaves no room for self doubt. If art is your life, RISD is perfect for you. When not in class, the large workload leaves little free time, which must be split between social life and work. So if you decide to attend, expect art to manifest itself in every part of your life.


A devoted one.


Someone who is absolutely sure they want to pursue an artistic education. This means working everyday and accepting a lot of criticism (often negative), even after spending many hours on a project.


artistic people who like to involve in group activities and make friends and have fun. they should be willing to do alot of work though and spend alot of money on tuition. you can't screw around in this school.


someone willing to put everythign they have in their work because you will have little to no free time, and you wont want to bring any crap work in to class because everyone looks at it and you never want a bad critique, especially in front of peers.


everyone who possess tremendous artful imagination and thinking. but they need money first to go to this college without worries