Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Rhode Island School of Design?


The most frustrating characteristic of RISD is the lack of available space. This stands for classes, facilites, living, and parking. RISD had taken in fifty extra students in the year of 2010-2011, raising registration competition and lower the possibility of aquiring classes that you desire or need. Freshmen students during this year could no longer completely fit within the freshmen living areas, and therefor spread into other living areas. The campus doesn't have the adequate amount of space to support more students, and the location of the school prevents expansion.


Again, as stated in my previous paragraph I would highlight environmental short comings as my number one irritation but pulling that aside I would say access to adequate facilities related to my major would be a major frustration. My area of expertise requires a large amount of space for studio work in addition to adequate storage facilities. I have to compromise on all levels with regards to adequate equipment and space and this is very frustrating at times. You cannot get maximum productivity and success in projects when you are battling inadequate space, materials and equipment. Studio renovations are needed.


Many of the teachers here at Risd are Risd graduate themselves. They don't offer much besides being forerunners in the same school and in the industries that many of us would like to get into. Sometimes I fear that many of the students will become the same thing and cannot think of a life outside of the industries with very narrow career options as it is obvious that even now many of the students do not have a life off-campus, even on the weekends.


Probably the tuition. It is expensive. Not to say it isn't worth it, but it is still alot of money. And that can get in the way alot of times.


The workload can be alot - especially if you are a student that must work in addition to attending school full time. Also not all of the teachers and faculty are very helpful when it comes to things like financial aid, getting back to you with questions and concerns, etc..


By the time you figure out how you want to use the tools and skills RISD provides, you'll find that there's very little time left and you have to start considering what life after school will be.


THE COST. I am gonna be in debt for a long time. The extent to which people smoke pot, a dull drug I despise. The people in the Design majors (there is a marked divide between the Fine Arts majors and the Design majors, vis: Design majors are boring). I also believe the school is taking on too many new students to cover costs, I.E. LOWERING OUR UNREASONABLE STANDARDS, which are the best thing about us.


boring. Absolutely nothing to do than your work. Besides, too much work load, and no where to park your car


The buildings are very old.


The fact that I am not awarded financial aid. Also their administrative departments are hard to get ahold of unless you are there in person.