Rhodes College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are mostly Caucasian, in Greek organiations, and majoring in the sciences.


They're an interesting lot.


Students at Rhodes are highly motivated and involved on and off of campus, but they also know how to have fun.


My classmates are loving, intelligent young adults who are striving to become a great addition to the world by means of profession and community service.


My classmates tend to be mostly white, upper middle class kids who are fairly open-minded, ambitious, focused on work during the week, and like to party on the weekend.


My classmates are wealthy, sometimes intelligent, who want to make good grades, but still have fun on the weekends.


The Rhodes student body is very inclusive and friendly. I feel comfortable among many different groups of people, as almost everyone makes an effort to reach out and interact with others. It's not unusual to greet people you don't know while walking around campus, which leads to a tight-knit community.


A student who isn't interested in becoming involved on campus in any capacity would probably feel out of place at Rhodes. There aren't any official statistics on this, but I would be willing to bet that everyone at Rhodes is involved in at least one extracirricular activity. This would include work-study positions, student government, Greek life, a sport, or a club. Joining any type of student organization provides instant friends, and it's hard to make friends if you're not involved in any activities. The fact that Rhodes has over 80 student organizations with only 1700 people (and this doesn't include sports teams or work-study positions!) proves that there is a lot happening on campus.


Rhodes really tries to be open and accepting about all issues but that's easier said than done. I'm in the majority of students here at Rhodes-white, upper/middle class, greek, female, so I can't speak for the minorities as well except that I know rhodes students are pretty good about reaching out and everyone's generally pretty friendly.


My classmates are dedicated students that enjoy partying and don't always make the best decisions but do pull out in the end, or at least most of the time.


Most people who go to Rhodes are of the same racial and socio-economic backgrounds (white and rich), but those who do not belong to these two groups are very much included in the social life at school. I've never seen any incidences of racism or hate.


I don't think that any student would feel out of place at Rhodes. There is something for everyone to get involved with around campus, which makes everyone feel welcome and wanted. I don't think there is any race issues at Rhodes. Everyone is really open-minded and friendly.