Rhodes College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our rigoruous academic reputation. Students learn a lot and are very well prepared for whatever they choose to pursue after graduation.


Academics and their foundation requirements that are in the traditional liberal arts genre. Rhodes is one of the very few colleges left who require a year and a half series of courses that cover the foundations of Western civilization - the Great Books. It has been the most life-altering coursework I have ever taken - Aristotle, Plato, now Kant and Machiavelli. It is preparing me to be a well-educated, well-rounded person. The second thing is the star faculty who is so accessible to the students. The atmosphere here is that we all behave in accordance to the Honor Code.


Rhodes is best known for it high acceptance rates into graduate schools and medical schools.


Good academics. The Rhodes community is like a bubble.


Rhodes is known for encouraging the students to study abroad and for the amazing study abroad programs that it offers. Also, most people know about the course difficulty and the lack of diversity--the school hosts many wealthy white kids. It is a great school but extremely challenging and the course load is quite intense. When people think of Rhodes, most think of the beautiful campus. Many also think about the lack of school spirit and the poor attendance at sports games.


Rhodes is known for being academically strong.