Rhodes College Top Questions

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Rhodes has a small campus and a small student body when compared to other state and private schools. You are able to recognize most people by face if not name and this establishes a real sense of community amoungst the students. Since the student body is so small the professors are able to give each student personalized attention in order to help them understand sometime confusing topics. The administration is very much concerned about their students doing well and strive to help the students be their best on campus and off.


Small liberal arts school in the South. Beautiful campus - gothic architecture.


perhaps the best education you can receive in the area.


TEachers are amazing and the small size makes it feel very much like a community.


The campus is beautiful because of the Gothic style of architecture and the campus is gated so you have that feeling of security. Rhodes is known for developing its students' writing and that was one of the main reasons that I decided to attend this school. Also, Rhodes strongly encourages the students to study abroad and most of the programs Rhodes offers are great experiences, like the unique Maymesters in different countries as well as European Studies which is a program created by both Rhodes College and Sewanee. I've taken part in both and they were absolutely incredible.


I love Rhodes and would choose it again without a second thought.


It's beautiful and in an urban area.


Rhodes is amazing. I recommend that students that are on the fence about Rhodes (or any school, for that matter) take a tour, especially during the school year when classes are in session. You'll really get a feel for the campus and where you'll fit in- it worked for me. I visited Rhodes once and I was sold. I'm sure you will feel the same way. :)


Rhodes is a great school where you're sure to get a challenging and respected education.