Rhodes College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


As with any stereotype, there is some degree of truth to it. Many students come from financially stable families and do drive decent cars. It does hold true that almost every student is very involved--whether interning, playing sports, volunteering, or serving in student government, students at Rhodes enjoy staying busy.


There is truth to every stereotype: if you look, you can find people who fit that categorization to the letter. However, I've found that the majority of Rhodes students do not fit the sterotype thrust upon them at all. There are people here from all sorts of socio-economic backgrounds; while the style of dress here tends to be more on the preppy/clean-cut end of the spectrum, there are the kids who dress up for class and those who roll out of bed 5 minutes before. Business suits are just as acceptable as sweatpants and a tshirt- as long as you've done your reading for class! Everyone at Rhodes is very friendly; I can't name anyone off the top of my head as a snob or accuse anyone of being exclusive. It is true that some students have better cars than the professors, but it is also more than likely that the student who drives a Mercedes is best friends with someone who doesn't have a car at all.


Well, I am a texan (there's a lot at Rhodes) and I am a biology major, but other than that Rhodes is pretty diverse and is working on their commitment to diversity. There are rich and poor students, smart and less well educated people and people from all over with lots of different interests and life stories.




I feel like this is not true. Everyone is really open once you get to know them. Popped collars and pearls are just a front!