Rhodes College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I am an English literature major at Rhodes and an Art History minor--I absolutely love my classes. With the field I am in, most of my classes are geared towards learning for the sake of learning, but also helps with "real-world" skills like communication, writing,critical thinking, and problem solving. Participation counts as a percentage of your grade in most classes, which leads to lively discussions and high attendance levels, even for 8 AM classes.


Professors here definitely know your name. I've had professors say hi to me from across the quad, help me with an extracirricular event, even invite the entire class over to their house for dinner. Some professors give out their home phone number and encourage students to call if they have questions. Professors love their students; if you're having difficulty understanding the material or just have a question about a particular problem, go to office hours or make an appointment with the professor. They LOVE helping students and may even give you the benefit of the doubt come test time if you mess up on a question. The close relationship that professors have with students also helps when you're applying to grad school or post-graduate programs; because professors know you so well, they're able to write comprehensive recommendation letters that really impress future employers and grad school admissions counselors. It also contributes to the "one big happy family" feeling at Rhodes.


Small classes, good professors who innvite you to their homes and want you to do well. All try to learn your name, but the hard part is remembering it years after you've had them. Class participation is often required. Some, but not much intellectual discussion outside of class, but it depends on the people. Students are competitive by department, bio majors, a lot of whom are pre-med can be pretty cut throat, but they usually all end up getting what they want so it's ok. Education at Rhodes is to prepare you for after Rhodes be that entering the real world or continuing your education


The professors at Rhodes are amazing and attentive. They know all their students by name and are really invested in making sure you're understanding the course work - especially if you seek their help during their office hours.


Academics at Rhodes is a bit tedious. There is a lot of work involved in everything you do; however, your professors are there to help you along the way. All professors that you have had will remember your name (perks of small classes). Even if you had them in the past, they acknowledge you when seen around campus.