Rhodes College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My professors and campus administration working with individuals to bring the best out in the students. The whole campus strives to better themselves in the school community and in the city off campus. Rhodes is full of students the work together in order to better the greater Memphis area.


Rhodes is located in Midtown, the coolest and most beautiful part of Memphis. My friends who go to colleges in small towns are jealous when I tell them about Rhodes' great location. Memphis is so much fun to live and play in and there are always things to do. Rhodes is directly across from the zoo and only a five minute drive from Downtown and Beale Street. Memphis also offers plenty of opportunities for community service, a huge aspect of life at Rhodes. I love to brag about living in exciting Memphis!


Small engaging classes and faculty. Very homely feel. Teachers who care. Easy to find your way around.


faculty, course work


If you get through my school academically, you are prepared for anything.