Rhodes College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


something we are also unfortunately very well known for- being full of cnobby rich white kids. There is very very very little diversity here. And the general attidutde of a large percentage of students could be described as "stuck-up" or "snobby".


Because Rhodes has a small student body with about 1700 students, everyone knows pretty much everyone else. This is a blessing and a curse; while it is nice to see familiar faces on campus, people at Rhodes tend to be a little too interested in the business of other people. We live and study in close quarters so there are no secrets. Although Rhodes students are generally very nice, everyone ends up knowing everything about everyone else. I like the small classes and intimacy of a small college, but sometimes it's like living in a petri dish of gossip.


The worst thing about my school might be the cliques that are just a little bit too much like high school.


The meal plan hours are not long enough, it ends way too early. The area can often be a bit dangerous outside of the campus.


Lack of diversity (religious, geographic, sexual, racial); the crime in Memphis; the required humanities courses


I think there need to be more emphasis on the diversity of the school. Also, more scholarship needs to be offer to students that are attending the school instead of just first year students. Someitmes i feel that the school is way more expansive than it should be.


It is so small that everyone knows everyone else's business, fast!


The worst thing is that since the school costs a lot of money to attend, a lot of rich, snotty people attend there, and it can be frustrated because their views on life are jaded at times.