Rhodes College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Stereotypes about Rhodes students vary. On the positive side, most people seem to view Rhodes students as smart and highly motivated, constantly busy and involved around campus and the Memphis community. The negative stereotypes usually include that all Rhodes students are very wealthy, somewhat snobby, and drive nicer cars than most of the professors.


Rhodes students are stereotyped as rich, elitist, snobby Southern kids who buy expensive clothing with their daddy's money and have better cars than the professors that teach them.


There are quite a few stereotypes because that's what we as people do, make generalizations. Stereotypes about Rhodes students include the misconception that everyone is rich, snobby, southern, a biology major, just to name a few.


We're preppy, rich, smart, social, and overachievers.


I feel like some stereotypes associated with Rhodes is some people tend to think that the students are pretentious.