Rice University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for its dorm system and its location right next to the Houston Medical Center. It is known for having lots if undergraduate research centers.


My school is best known for cutting-edge engineering and nanotechnology research. We get grants and awards for our work in nanotechnology and I've had classes with professors considered to be the leading innovators in nanotechnology. The school of engineering is very large, but doesn't overwhelm the other academic disciplines in my mind. Socially, we're known for our residential college system that greatly encourages students to make friends with all kinds of people.


Architecture & Engineering, and generally being an incredible school with a great student atmosphere: sometimes called the Princeton of the South.


Rice is known for science and engineering, which also goes hand in hand with producing dozens of pre-med students. Rice also has an amazing baseball team, other than that sports are generally considered a joke. The same goes for majors outside of engineering, architecture and science, good luck with an english major from Rice, it won't take you far. Rice is also known for a giant endownment, along with many associates who live in the area and often frequent the campus either to interact with students, lecture, or to submit large donations.


Engineering and other science related fields. I am an English and Theater major and recieve very little support from the administration. Our administration is most concerned with science fields and therefore those departments recieve most of the funding. It's very unfortunate.


Rice is very strong in the following academic areas: engineering, natural sciences, music and architecture. It is a very small school in Texas, a state where everything else is big. As far as the student body goes: they are very smart, not very sexual, quirky, introverted but still like to party, liberal for Texas and religious. The social scene at Rice is unique in that there are no fraternities or sororities--there is instead a system of residential colleges holding a friendly rivalry with one another.


Research, engineering, quality of academics




Academics and Beer Bike


An architectural tour of Rice University taken during Homecoming Weekend 2006.