Rice University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I think the college system is one of the best things about Rice. It completely replaces the frats/sororities that other universities have; instead, these become your social network center, yet there are still plenty of activities around campus that allow you to meet people from other colleges. The people, too, are some of the most interesting and engaging people I've ever met. You can find people of all different religions, races, ethnicites, etc., and actually have a conversation with any of them.


Mostly about how friendly the society is and how abundant in knowledge it is. Its extremly accessible and everything is sitting at your fingertips.


Campus activities, ridiculous professors


The math classes at Rice are really great. The History Department at Rice is also really wonderful. The Professors are easy to talk to and are extremely willing to help students that need some extra help. The College Dormitory system at Rice is unique and an excellent part of what Rice is all about. and helps you easily become integrated and feel part of Rice.


The classes are very ethnically diverse.


The campus is beautiful and living in houston is really great!


Academics and the unique campus-wide social events.


The residential college system here is wonderful. It is Rice's alternative to fraternities and soroities. They offer the same support system and community, the same petty rivalries and competition that the Greek system offers, only they're co-ed. Plus, you're automotically sorted into a college, so rushing is not necessary. There is never a feeling of unacceptance or not belonging. Also, since everybody lives together in these colleges, there is no discrimination based on class or year, so a lost freshman can turn to their upperclassman neighbor for support at any given time.