Rice University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


There is no single epitome of the perfect Rice University student. I know people of varying levels of intelligence and diligence who have all found success. Rice University has shut-ins, popular kids, hipsters, etc. The one thing I feel every Rice Student has in common is the desire to learn and discover, so a prospective student should have similar desires. Since a diverse spectrum of students can have this similar goal, a Rice University student should be open-minded, because they will meet students from numerous distinct backgrounds.


Anyone who is willing to do the work and is committed to attending the class. People that will just goof around will not be too successful. The classes are fun, but commitment is a must.


A person who is serious about academics and who is open minded and eager to learn about cultures different from their own.


One must be extremely intelligent, but relaxed enough to have a lot of fun - Rice isn't for everyone, there is a mutual respect and bond with all of the other students. This IS NOT the conventional college experience.


Students who are really prepared for the intensity of the academic workload should attend Rice. Students must be able to manage their time appropriately so as to not get really stressed out with all the work. Students should also be very open to new things and experiences, for there are many activities in which to participate at Rice. No particular person should attend Rice since it accomodates pretty much everyone!


Everyone can fit so long as he/she is open-minded and willing to accept differences...and to work hard.


Someone who is interested in getting a good education and is motivated to make good use of such an education, but is also well-rounded enough to explore other facets of the college life.


people who like learning for the sake of learning


The usual Rice studnet was a "dork" in high school, but everyone is very intelligent and interesting!


Someone career- or academically-focused. This is not the place for partiers, or to goof around and waste your parents' tuition money.


People who are extremely academically orientied but not very sociable.