Rice University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The inability of the administration to take student needs and wants into account when making decisions.


I think the most frustrated I ever felt was dealing with the Cashier's office, which doesn't communicate so well with the Financial Aid office, or the office of the Registrar. I felt like I was just a go-between, and such ridiculous amounts of legwork between offices on the same floor of the same building was a little unreasonable. This isn't to say that the staff themself weren't very friendly - certain among them were really great and helpful.


Currently the administration seems out of touch with the student body.


Having to swim while juggling schoolwork


Right now, the most frustrating thing about Rice is the irregular availability of course schedules. I couldn't plan my next semester well because I didn't know in advance which classes would overlap or even be unavailable until only a few weeks before the end of the current semester.


Academic seriousness of peers, workload.


The lack of support for athletics. Also, if people aren't doing well in school, they tend to be shunned instead of being helped.