Richland College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Richland Community College mission is to teach, learn and focus on community building where students from all part of ethics background are welcome


Richland College is known for its flexibility in scheduling in order to obtain an Associate degree while juggling life's other demands. It is also known for its certificate programs that allow the student to train for a career in a short period of time.


Richland is best known for being a community college. It is very popular among people within the Dallas area. There are many classes offered and not one area of syudy is prominent over the others. It is a great way to get two years of schooling at a low cost.


Richland college I think is the best community college in the U.S. Compared to other community colleges Richland is the biggest, not just that I think it was lots of good teachers from different Unis coming there to teach. It also has a reasonable tuition fee which most of the students can afford. It's a great school to go to and get a two or a four year degree.