Richland College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Richland College is for people who are devoted and enthusiastic about not only being a successful scholar but becoming a successful adult in the near future. The students are very nice and non-judgemental which makes for a good learning environment. A student that has either graduated from highschool or recieved a GED, with compassion, should attend this school. Adults returning from school after years tend to struggle a little at first but they seem to be the people others look up to in the classroom. Richland is for all races, personalities and ages looking to continue their education.


In going to this college a person must be looking to achieve getting their associates degree at low tuition pricing. An adequate student for Richland College must have the motivation to complete all of their basic required courses before transferring to a university to get a bachelors degree and major. This school is full of a diverse collection of people at different intelligence levels so being a community college it is very accepting of everyone that applies.


I think this school is meant for everyone who is trying to start school again, or has just graduated from high school. This is a diversified school, and you will also see many age groups as well. Students from high school, students from different UNIs taking classes. Its a great school to be in.


A person who wants to go to college, but is not ready to be out on their own yet, is perfect for this school.