Richland College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Telling myself...... Well I would start by saying stop hanging around the wrong crowd. Stop thinking that you know everything,when you dont. (And I didnt). Go to college so I would not have to work at the job I had for 16 years, and work 14 hour days plus Monday through Saturday with NO life. Being in school will make you a better person in life. I just wish the attitude that I have know, I would of had it then after high school. I regret not going to college after high school, but like they say its never too late to start. So I guess back then with the attitude that I had NO one could of changed my mind to go to college. Well was I ever wrong, College is the most important thing for me I cant see doing anything eles.


If I could go back to my high school senior year, I would have done many things differently. For starters, I would have taken more dual credit classes. I took about 27 credit hours between my junior and senior year, many of which helped me advance in my degree. Furthermore, I would advise myself to pay more attention in my pre-calculus class since math only gets harder in college. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships because paying for classes can get really expensive and that's not even including books. I would also have tried convincing myself on starting a habit of studying more often. Many classes in college can get really intense, so they require a lot of personal time set aside for studying. I've always had a hard time getting myself to concentrate on studying, and things don't get better, since the work only gets harder. Although I know I can't go back in time, I always do advice my brother, cousins, and their friends who are still in high school on what they should do to make their college experience easier and I'm glad they have been listening.


Tori, college isn't going to be as stressful as you thought it was going to be as long as you keep up with your agenda and current due dates. Buy a planner and don't be surprised at the fact that it will become your best friend. I know you didn't need to use it much in high school because there were only a few things due weekly, but in college you will need to stay on top of it because each class has their own individual agenda. Utilize a planner to it's full capability and you will be fine when it comes to academic deadlines. On a side note, remember to maintain relationships with your closest friends, but always remember you will have family to turn to if things get rough. College tends to change people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. So while some people are out partying, don't get caught up with the nightlight scene. You'll build stronger connections with those who don't engage in those activities. Stay focused, make good grades, and I know one day you will be fulfilling those dreams we once shared as children.


If I could give advice to my high school self, I would tell myself to work harder and and to rearrange my priorities. In highschool it's easy to slack off and do what is minimally required of you, but the effects on your college study skills, financial aid, and opportunities is greatly decreased. If I had stayed focused and attempted to care more about my schooling, there is a greater chance I would have greater financial aid benefits and learning skills. If I had known then what I know now, life might be a little easier.


If I could go back in time, I would not rush into a career and finish my 4 year degree. I would take advantage of my opportunities as a student and enjoy life in my thirties other than return to finish what should have been done by the age of 21.


Don't make the mistake I made in the last year of high school and hardly open a book. Put a little bit of effort into each class every day, even if it is for only 30 minutes or so. Bad habits will carry over into college. It is nearly impossible to change bad habits as soon as you start college. I made the mistake of thinking I could just get serious when I started college but it took my nearly two semesters to get back into good habits and make my classes a priority. If you treat college courses like they don't matter or you can wait until the last minute to do the work you will regret it.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would first say to be prepared to work much harder than you did in high school. Its now an option to go to school rather than having to go to school. You have to be much more disciplined and wanting to go. Its not always going to be easy but you know that a degree is what you really want and you are going to have to work your butt off. Also be prepared for the financial hurt. Tuition and books are a huge expense and if you want to get grants and scholarships you dont need to be slacking off just because its your senior year. You need to be studying just as much and even doing some more extra activities. Don't be afraid to work hard and go after what you want because it is not easy and you will get frustrated. Think about the child you are going to have and try to make his life the best it can be. With a degree you wont have to worry about too much money issues.


if I can go back in time during my high school year as a senior, there is only one advice that I will give my self, and that is to enjoy my last year in high school as much as possible. The reason why I will enjoy my last year as much as possible in high school is that in college, we are expected to act as an adult and take full responsiblities for our self. on the other hand, in high school, teachers will remind us when test are due and keep asking us to do our school works. in college if a student do not do his or her assignments, is a straight zero with no questions ask. college is new environment for students to grow and be responsible; therefore, i will enjoy every minutes of my senior year in high school if I can go back in time, before entering college.


"Karli college is all about GPA and SAT scores, studying hard, and taking good notes, start saving up early... books are expensive " is what I would probably tell myself first as a high school senior. As a senior, I would advise myself to take all 7 classes rather than having the last two periods off to help raise my GPA. I would tell myself to work harder and that it would be worth it in the end because a GPA will get you into the college of your dreams, and if you save up now and apply for financial ad early you can go wherever you want! I would of told myself to apply for more schlorships because I never knew how many scholarships were out there. I would of told myself to quit wasting my time on the people who didn't matter and spend more time with the people who did, because those are the people who are going support you in your future. This is the last chance you have in high school to do your absolute best and never take it for granted.


Knowing what I know now I would definately tell myself to consentrate on my actual major now in these last couple of weeks or months; While still concentrating on my school work of course. "Choose a major you have prepared for already" I'd say to myself knowing that I've already got substantial computer experiance; Telling myself "college is no place to play around." Then I'd also tell my self that I must get good grades in order to pass and get a credible job in my desired profession. With my added knowledge of the economy I'd say to myself that I needed to think of a "recession proof" job. One that would land me a great job both with benefits and with both a challenging and engaging background. Then I would say "If you need to work at a part time job for tuition put your schooling first" I would give this comment the most strength, it's very easy to lose track of schedule. Lastly, I'd tell myself to always try my hardest no matter the difficulty, college will be different from high school.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would say to myself to not wait and get on the ball as soon as you can. Procrastination was my downfall then and now look where it got me to. I would tell myself to continue to push and not let up, to reach for endless possibilities and fight for your dreams. Do not wait for this is your time to get things done and to really give yourself a fighing chance in this cut throat world. I would tell myself to fight for a job, your going to need money and need alot of it quick. I would tell myslef to check my car every now and again and really know what to do in a bad situation. Experience is the best tool and from the mistakes I have made, I have learned from. I have learned so much since then and will get where i want to be in life, no matter what.


I would tell myself to quit watching tv, and do my homework instead. I would tell myself to stay focused and believe in myself, regardless of what anyone else says.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that it's ok to dream and to follow my dreams. I would tell myself that anything is possible if you really work at it. I would also tell myself that it's ok to make mistakes because many of life's lessons are learned from those mistakes. The last thing, and probably the most important, is to never give up.


I would tell myself that I should have taken more advanced placement classes, so that I could have been ready to make the transition. I would also tell myself that I should have learned to manage my time andx start on assignments as soon as they were given.


In thinking back to my last year of highschool all I remember is how easy it was and how anxious I was to go to college. Now that I am in college I wish that I would have greater prepared myself for what was to come; college. Now that I have seen the differences between college and high school life I would have given myself advice for the transition. Not only is College a much larger experience, but it requires much more independence and responsibility over your own actions. There is no one telling you what to do or how to do it, it's just you, your books, and the lectures that the professors want to teach. Self study and fully understanding the subject at hand is the key to having a successful college experience. I am 17 years old in my second year of college and I am finally figuring out the process semester by semester. I just hope that my transfer goes smoothly and I can see my life as a success.


If i could go back i would tell my self to pay attention more in my classes and listen to what my teachers told me. I would tell my self to change the way i thought and acted. That has affected me at the beggining.


I would have told myself that I needed to go to college. As a teenage mother, I chose to to get a job and take care of my family. I wish I would have jumped and enrolled in college at a young age. Trying to work and manage a family when you are older is much harder. My life would be much different if I would have attened college right after high school. I often feel that my on the job experience is not enough when applying for a job. Most employers today are looking at what college education you have. I am now trying to set the example for my soon to be graduating daughter from high school of how important it is to attend college right out of high school. Life is what you make it and you can not go back in time, but if I could that would be the one thing that I would change.


You don't have to make all the decisions now. Taking core classes at the beginning of your career will help you make those choices and will prepare you for the work it will take to see them through. Nothing will come easy, but stick with it! It's more than worth it.


I would tell myself to study hard, and to do what I really love doing; no matter what. To do what I truly am interested in. Finding a way even if I don't have the funds, or run into obstacles to study and gain knowledge from somewhere I am pursuing. You must always study hard and think positive to remain happy and educated. Thus, doing what I strive for.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would advise myself to think before I take any step. The reason I say this is because I have made mistakes which I regret making about the major I chose., the teachers, and the advisers. Anything you do in college stays in your transcript and than its reviewed by the Unis that your applying for. When your in a class the teacher really matters, some teachers are really strict about what they teach and how they teach. And some are really lenient. Before taking a class look at the reviews about the teachers. Before you go to a adviser to ask about what classes you should take, or what major should you choose, it is really important that the adviser knows the major you want. I had a really good adviser, but she wasn't that much informative about the major I had chosen, and ended up taking wrong classes. After making all these mistakes I have learned a lot. Now I am back on track, and always checking the classes with the Uni that I want to transfer to before taking the classes.


Hi, Chelsea it's me. This is what you are going to be next year if you don't stop being scared. College isn't a bad thing. I know your afraid of failing and, afraid you won't make friends. I know you want to fly away to Neverland and never grow up but you have to. Stop being so afraid that you do nothing. Pick a college and apply. Sure, you may not have the money but there are scholarships that will help. Start at a four year university please. You know what you want you want to major in. Live on campus try to make friends. Yes, some people may not like you but it's okay because like high school once you graduate you may never see them again. Everything will work out trust me because I'm living the life and I wish you would have challenged yourself and faced your fears because your missing out. Your missing out on friends, freedom, and learning experiences.


Laura, you may think you're ready to leave home and embark on a new journey, but you're not. You get caught up in the social scene too easily, and the high expectations you set for college will only bring you discontent. Take a year to settle into life outside of high school. Be open minded about the people around you and the classes you take. Stay away from alcohol- it's not good for you. When you do not get into The University of Texas, it is not the end of the world, even though you think you will never be happy anywhere else. Make sure to thank Momma and Daddy, because they would do anything they possibly can for you. Get excited because you are going to love geology, and it's going to be what drives you to succeed. Most importantly, do not ever settle for anything that does not make you happy, because you deserve to be as happy as possible. Search for happiness and fullfillment in everything you do.