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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Look inward,trust yourself, and play the game. There is much advice I would unload upon my former self, but that by far would be the most useful advice. Had I been less preoccupied by the confusion supplied by those around me, I believe I would have made less regretable errors. Had I but known that understanding myself and trusting my own thoughts would be sufficient rather than accepting the burden of trying to make sense of those around me, I would have been able to grow much faster and with less worry due to not fitting in. In my senior year, I learned I was an introvert and only then did things become much clearer for me. Learning my personality type instantly helped me accept mysef, but it is a shame I could not have done so sooner and on my own. Most problems are caused by our own inner turmoil and are within our control. The problems that are outside ourselves cannot be controled, but can be handled if one can only accept their own passive position. One must decipher what they have control over and what they do not. Only then can the game be properly played.


Kasi, I know that you think you already know what you want, but I'm here to talk to you and keep you on the right track. There will be plenty of time for boys down the road. The only way to have the true college experience is to attend right out of high school, and live on campus. Don't wait around, finding excuses not to go. Go to school, attend your classes and work your butt off, because when you bring home a 4.0 GPA and Dean's List certificate, it's a lot more satisfying then working some boring job, only earning minimum wage. You are so smart, don't waste your abilities by foolish things. Keep your head in the game and stay focused on what's really important in life. Love interests can wait. Put yourself first, not someone who isn't going to be there for you in a few months.


I would have gone to college when I graduated from high school. The way the economy is now and raising a family, I encourage my children everyday to stay in school and get all the education they can. This will not automatically insure that they will have the best job in the world, but it will give them an opportunity to go after the best. Being a college student and parent is hard but I want to show my children that my education is imperative to my success. I want to show them the way to a better life, job, and all the things that you want begin with an education. You are never to old to learn but its best to do it while your'e young so that you can enjoy life thereafter. I encourage anyone to strive for the best and beyond. Melinda Gibson