Rider University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


An incredibly rigorous music school that focuses on choral singing and academics.


My College gives students the tools to succeed not only in college, but in the real world as well.


Rider University is a private university that offers a diverse education and has excellent instructors who know how to meet the educational needs of the students.


My school is very small and makes you feel comfortable.


This school is brimming with academic challenges and a wealth of social opportunities for student who live on campus.


Rider University has a well known Journalism program, beautiful campus, and many students who are passionate about what they do and who they are.


My school is full of diversity and wit the proessors, studets will have the one on one time that is needed.


My university at heart is diverse, socially proactive, academically stimulating, developmentally supportive, intellectually generous, and fundamentally strong.


Rider is a private university that boasts about its unique niche as a small, liberal arts school. Most of the students here come from wealthy families and clearly have been told that Mommy and Daddy will pay for school as long as they agree to get a degree. Only about 5% of the students I've met care appreciate learning and strive to challenge themselves. Most classes are easier to pass than high school courses, and I've had multiple professors give open book tests and self-proclaimed guarenteed 'A's


My school is a good size focused ,on excellence in acedmics, and sports.


My school is everything I could have hoped for, I love living on a small campus and have met people that will be my friends forever no matter where life takes us.


My school is not too small, but not so big where teachers don't learn names, and there are a lot of different activities for students to join, so many that you can never tell exactly what a student is involved in just by looking at them. What I mean by that is, you might see a girl who you know is in a sorority, but you don't know that she's the executive editor of the newspaper, two activities that aren't commonly associated with each other.


good education, horrible social life, there is nothing to do since the guy died 2 years ago.


The school is very small that it provides a family feeling.


upper middle class and academically focused


My school was a good size but it was hard to get to some necessary places such as a pharmacy if the need arose.


rider university is a suitcase school, if you do not get involved you will always want to go home.


Westminster Choir College of Rider University is packed with eduacation you can't get anywhere else.