Rider University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Depending on the class, my classmates strive to achieve academic success but also have a social life.


Everyone is very friendly, becuase we are all going through the same experiences as college freshman.


My classmates, specifically in the department of Fine and Performing Arts, are an intelligent, genuine, talented, fiercely dedicated group of people who, despite having diverse career goals and learning styles, provide one-hundred-percent support to one another's academic and creative efforts.


My classmates are a lot like me. Determined to get through classes and get good grades, but also don't like to be stressed out. Some classmates, unlike me, drink and party on the weekends to get rid of stress. I, on the other hand, watch a lot of TV and listen to music. This campus is definitely not a dry one, but I don't spend a lot of time with party people.


My classmates are so intelligent because they think out of the box and are not afraid to ask questions, wanting to know more.


My classmates are those who understand and communicate with one another to succeed and achieve their daily goals.


Some are ambitious, while others do not take the classes seriously.


My classmates are more eager to learn in college classes than in high school classes, because the material is more focused around their major which is generally information they find interesting and useful.


Most of my classmates are really forcused on their work while the other half are partiers.


My classmates are friendly and smart.


If I could describe my classmates at my school, I would definitely have to say unique. Everybody has their own personality that they bring to the table, and I would definitely say that I have learned many things that I would not have otherwise learned. At the same time, I hav made lifelong friends with these people that can never be replaced


My classmates, for the most part, were like-minded individuals who cared about their education but who also wanted to have fun during their four years of college.


They are extremly friendly.




Enthusiasic, friendly, outgoing, creative, open-minded


My classmates are outgoing, fun, and very talented. I will admit that not all of them take their classes as seriously as they take their social life, but when they are serious, they definitely try their best. There is a good variety of people here and they do not hesitate to portray their individuality. I think what we all are learning here is how to get our priorities straight, so that we can improve our best qualities and talents.


My classmates are good individuals who help me when I'm in need.


My classmates were a mix of personalities.


Helpfull, kind, and welling to go the extra step for you.


My classmates are very focused, driven and do their very best to succeed and do well in their classes.


Just as frustrated with Riders ability to help students as I am.


There was a few racist writing at Rider in the dorms which clean up damages were billed to the students accounts. Many of these students look like the type from the OC televison show. I guess it's because there really rich.


Rider is very diverse and embrasses that diversity.


Because of the small size all types of students interact with one another, at least with my experience. The majority of students I believe come from New Jersey.


Rider happens to be a very accpeting school. There are few to none situations in which discrimination is a problem. A majority of the students, however, are white. Most students are probably from upper-middle class families, with a portion of the students from lower class families who recieve a lot of financial aid from the university. Approximately 80% of students recieve some form of financial aid. There are many different types of studetns at Rider. You can see students wearing high heels to class to sweatpants. If it is an 8 am class, though, the majority of students are probably wearing their sweatpants. There are so many different types of students at Rider, it is hard to generalize about "Rider Students". I would say, though, that most are carrier oriented and are working for the goal of obtaining a job. it is always in the back of every student's mind. When it comes to being politically active, I would say that students are kept aware of what's going on, but you would probably never see a political protest on Rider's campus. I think the students are either too busy with clubs, sports, academics, and social lives to have a political rally, or they just don't care enough. However, students do have the time for funraising. It is never a challenge to find a community service or fund raising event to get involved with on Rider's campus. One of the most popular is the Thanksgiving baskets that get donated to the needy families in Trenton each year.


I don't think any student would feel out of place at Rider. There is a lot of diversity and a million different clubs to prove it. As for atire you see everything from pajamas someone wore the night before to a dress and heels. It really depends on what the person is doing with their day (working, only going to classes, making a presentation, etc.) .


Most students interact the best in class. You really do find the most amazing people in the classes you care the most about. Once you meet those people, you really feel at home.


Rider's student body probably consists of people from New Jersey and New York, and if they are from far away it's because they play a D1 sport. Rider's so small they everyone interacts at some point with each other. There seems to be a lot of nice cars in the parking lot, so I'd take a guess and say a lot of Rider's students got some money somewhere. Theres not much to say about the student body though, we're all students, some play sports, some read books, some drink 5 days a week, some have never touched a drop of booze in there lives, but we all have a good time. I would rather spend my summer at school than at home because I have so much fun there, especially at the PUB.


You'll always have those major clubs and orgs that dominate the whole campus. That's where most of the funding gets thrown to, while all the rest of the other clubs are left tiny amounts of funding from the budget. If you're interested in being part of a small-scale club, you'll have to struggle to get funding for your activities and what not. Usually, 'clicks' result from the different sports teams- I've seen close-knit groups consisting of basketballers, swimmers and hockey players. There's always the 'weird' table which sadly, gets made fun of all the time- But I think the 'weird' table doesn't care or doesn't know enough to bother about the jeering. Food. You get buffets for meals- it's not as grand as you'd think it to be. Food is generally greasy and fatty. I think Daly's Dining Hall wants to set a record in how much sodium/salt they can add to their food. There's not much choice for vegans and vegetarians either. Apart from the occasional healthy/good meal, hurray for Heart disease, diabetes and other life threatening illnesses.


The students at Rider get along in a way that some students at other campuses would never think of. Even though everyone has their own clicks, our student body is strong and has become closer over the past year due to certain unexpected incidents. (i.e.-deaths on campus).


The student body is mostly white, but there are many African Americans and Latinos on campus. There is a very mixed student body. Different types of students do interact. Students tend to be comfortable in classes, there will be students that walk around in a suit or tie, in their pajamas or walk across campus barefoot. Most of the Rider students are from NJ or PA. Since many students live close to home, some weekends the campus can be empty, but making friends with the commuter students, you would never have a reason to go home.


There is good balance of students here, the majority are appear rather affluent and white. But there is a decent representation from minorities as well. While there are cliques as in almost every school, they are frequently crossed and people are really friendly. Many students go home for the weekend because they live only a few miles away but more and more students are remaining on campus for weekends! There are a few very politically active students but I would presume most are not as involved as the general population.


The school isnt mega-diverse. I mean, there is some diversity but not a crazy amount. I dont feel like anyone would feel out of place. In college, people are a lot more grown up. I'm friends with juniors and seniors, different people from different classes. We don't have a lot of super gothic people. there are a few, and I dont hold anything against them, but there isnt a lot. the dining hall is seperated; the different sport teams, the potheads, the gothic kids, the prissy girls, the odd balls, the regular kids just eatting; but for the most part to sit in a seat and you sit there every day. this isnt a bad thing either.


Mostly the black students hang out together, sororities hang out together, fraternities hang out together, international students, and then mostly people by major or living areas.


I find Rider to be an incredibly diverse university. I have met people from all different racial, religious, political, and economic classes and I feel they mingle relatively well. I have found that joining certain organizations on campus can allow you to either meet people from the same background as you or to do the opposite and meet those that are different.


Most of the students are from South Jersey, Bucks County, PA, and NY. However, I have some good friends from Texas, Indiana, Maryland, and other states that aren't that close. There's a good variety of the types of students that go there. Black, white, indian, jewish, catholic..... There's a group of kids on campus.. BSU, Black Students Union, you typically see them hang out with one another, but i hang out with some of them as well, and i'm not black. They are real sweet. When in Daly's you can instantly pick out who plays sports because they all sit with their teammates. But if you pull up a chair and sit next to them, they will welcome you with open arms. Some of my best friends are on the swim team, and i don't swim (i tell them that i'd prob drown). No, but everyone is really friendly. Where you sit at lunch or something is not good representation, because people usually go to eat after practice or class.


We've had some racial/hate problems in the past, but Rider is trying to boost open-mindedness and also tried to steer attention away from hate and onto Rider Pride. Nobody would feel out of place here. There's something/someone here for everyone.


very superficial, very wealthy, greek life dominates.


Theres tons of kids from NJ and NY. Rider imports alot of asians from somewhere to learn here. There are alot of different races around campus too. Everyone seems to get along with each other. The past 2 years I've been here I haven't seen any fights unless I was involved. Everyone seems to do there own thing and nobody really cares. Last year there was a kid that wore a jester costume around everyday and NEVER wore shoes... creepy, but whatever. I like to wear my sweats to every class unless i go to class with the clothes i had on the night before.


Most students are easy going. Some are more selective than others and like to shun people out but others are very nice. Most students come from NJ and others come from the tri state area or far away for the small private school charm of Rider.


I think everyone would feel comfortable at rider because it is a fun school and everyone will find someone that is just like them. I found that most of the students that go to rider are from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. But I've meet people from California, Massacheuts, Florida and Connecticut


I feel that our student body is very diverse. We tend to have a lot of people from different backgrounds, however because of the living situations everyone for the most part gets along.


If I were to describe the groups in the dining hall. All sports teach group together right as son as you walk into Dalys. On the left its groups of friends everywhere. In the back sits the basketball players and most of the greeks. if ur in a sorority u sit with ur sisters if ur in a frat ur with ur brothers. all the freaks sit around the fire place.


Everyone is kind at Rider University. There are no biases against anyone of a different race or ethnic background. Everyone embraces the diversity at our university.


Our campus is diverse and its great because we get to learn about people who arent like ourselves. I dont think anyone would feel out of placve here. Dress to class is casual for the most part, accept the people who go over the top which I think you would find anywhere. Most Rider students are from Jersey or the tri state area.


Students wear whatever they want to class, I've even seen people wear pajamas. There are many groups/activities at Rider that allow the students to voice their opinions and interact (Student Government Association, etc). I would say the financial background is probably middle-class. All different types of students interact, we even have an "International Dorm" which students can choose to live in and learn about different cultures, etc.


Rider is mostly white with a high concentration of upper class Jewish students, however I do not really think anyone would feel out of place at Rider. There is a mix of everyone and it seems as though everyone gets along pretty well. It's a good school with good people, of course their are the exceptions but they are a small minority.


There are many different types of people at Rider. I think that the student that would feel out of place at Rider is the student that makes themselves feel out of place. At any college there is a group of people that you'll fit in with, you just have to find it. You're not going to make friends sitting in your room and doing nothing, you have to go out, get involved, and talk to people. Most students wear jeans and a t-shirt or a shirt to class. Some wear sweatpants, some wear pajamas. It doesn't really matter what you wear. If you feel comfortable in it then go for it. I would say that most people at Rider do some from money. It is a private institution and that is what you get when you go to a private institution. Most students aren't politically aware. There are a small number of history majors. The students that are politically aware are left winged.


Rider is a mostly white campus with different ethnic groups which help but everyone seems to fit in and find hteir own group of people to be with. Athletes seem to stick together.


There is a variety of races and ethnic backrounds at rider. Ive seen it all. I dont think that anyone would feel uncomfortable attending rider. Mostly everyone dresses similar following the current trends and fashions. I'd say because we are a private school there are a few students with money and who are able to keep up with all of the hottest fashions, but there are also those who cant afford such things, but still dress nicely, its like anywhere you go people have their own styles and tastes. If you walk into Dalys the dining hall and there were four tables of students you would probably see a table of guys and girls, a table of girls, a table of guys and a sports team. people talk about how they will make alot of money or that they will be in debt after college. People are friendly and tend to help you with your school work and studies if need be.