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The school spirit


This school compared to others I was accepted to had high security, accredited professors that are willing to give their extra time to help or tutor in times of need. Communication is always there.


I attend Westminster Choir College, a branch of Rider University. The unique thing about this school is that it is the only choir college in the world. It attracts students from around the world because of the choirs' competitiveness and prestige. It is also one of the most tolerant and selfless music communities I have ever encountered.


Rider University has a friendly atmosphere since it is a small campus.




Rider University has an outstanding variety of programs. Also, the administration is willingly to assist your needs one on one.


The school itself is a smaller campus, so the teacher student ratio is smaller. I think what makes it unique is that it doesnt have a football team and so the emphasis is on education rather then sports so the students that attend here are more academically inclined. All of the staff seem to truly care about our education, and work hard to see that we understand the work load and achieve our objectives in class.


Well it not as big as most other universities which means that more people know each other. Its also in a very rural area which makes it more sucluded.


My school is unique because is has a good learning base and location.


A lot of lectures


Professors are very easy to get a hold of for the most part, and they usually know you by name since it is a smaller school. Also, many people that go here are upper middle class but are very down to earth and friendly.


Rider is unique because of our education program. I am a special education major, and only Rider has a 4 year program to get a degree in Elementary ed, Psychology, and Special ed by graduation!


Rider has a diverse community of students in terms of ethnicity and cultural background. Also, because our school is smaller it's easier to make friends here, and for the most part I would say that the majority of people on this campus engage in mutual respect, though there are certainly situations where it doesn't exist.


their business school has a high reputation


Small size and friendly people (usually).


They treat us as though we are five years old.


Rider is unique because the class sizes are small, which helps you to get to know your professor and get more out of your studies. It's great to have a personal relationship with the faculty and staff. You are recognized as an individual, rather than just another student. It is also more challenging because you are less likely to skip class and not do your work.


Great clubs, that allow you to do many thing and many diverse things, like going to another country or going on great trips like rafting trips.


Pictures of Bronc Buddies assisting first year students with move in.


What Happens When Ziegler A1, A3, Kroner, Switlik throw a dance party? Well... this...


Some of the best memories from Rider


The food is horrible but the is typical of a college. If you are living in a dorm then you HAVE To get the rip off meal plan. They just took the trays away which is suppose to save water but that also saves money and they did not lower the price. Rip off. Generally speaking Rider is not a bad school. HOWEVER, it is not the BEST value for your dollar.


There are a lot of things to do on campus and some may say people go home on the weekends, but there is so much to do there is no reason for that. I absolutely love it here and look forward for the next three years and hope it doesn't go by too fast.


There are definatly more girls than guys on campus. Half of those girls are probably 6's or better. Skipping class is tough because classes aren't that big, you can definatly still do it, but the professor will probably know, unless you are in a big class, then u don't need to go at all. Don't be shy and have a personality, do something with your life while you're at Rider. Don't go unnoticed and hide in your room all day. You only live once and life is wayyyy too short not to enjoy it.


Do you want a school that can cater to your being brought up a spoiled brat?


Rider University is an amazing school


Rider isn't for everyone, it has strong roots with many families and their kids were forced to go there, and don't like it very much. I walked on campus and knew this was the place for me, many other students didn't base there choice of a gut feeling and are not very happy where they are, and frequently transfer out


If i could do it over, I would transfer, or never have came here..I feel bad for people who decided on rider.




Come in with an open mind and don't be afraid to talk to people. Then you'll be good as gold.




don't go there. especially if you are in the arts because they do not offer a decent variety of courses.


I HATED Rider my first 2 weeks i got here. I didnt know anyone so i made pb&j sandwichs because i refused to eat alone. I watched tv or played video games. But, after i got used to it, joined the hockey team, and started going out. I eventually loved it! It took me a couple years but i definatly found the kids that are just like me and i get along great with them. Just don't go home every weekend and make some friends around campus. I love Rider because it's small and I feel like I know everyone, or they know who I am at least. The parties are there too, don't think the alcohol policy stops anyone, because it doesn't. Rider can put up as many rules as they want... but its college, the kids own the school. We will find a way to party no matter what


Rider is not really known for science. Although there are various science majors, Rider is not known as a strong science school. In fact, Pre Med is only a minor. That is a tough hole to fill especially with the competition in that field. Although Rider may appear expensive on paper (alomst 40K tuition, room, and board) they are very generous with scholarships. You can get 18K for moderately high grades (3.5 GPA 1800 SAT) or lesser sums of 15K or 12K as your grades approach that mark. Come to Rider for a strong Business, arts, or education degree. You will meet some great people and some you can do without. The small community make you feel at home yet there are always new people to meet. You will be busy, have things to do, and not be bored at Rider.


Rider is definately a fun school. At first I didn't even wanna look at rider but once I did i absolutely loved it and still do.


I love Rider University.


I love Rider and am so glad I'm here.


It's decent.


Rider is doing its best to make the school as much like a police state as possible...


Go somewhere else.


Rider really is a great school. You'll feel like your away at college, but still have the feel of being SOMEONE. Your teachers here will know your name, and be willing to help you in whatever way they can. The staff wants you to succeed, they don't just want your money. The best way to meet people is to get involved, see what interests you. Go out, meet your neighbors, talk to people in your classes. That is how you will adjust. The classes can be difficult, make sure you GO to class. There are parties on and off campus, but be safe and smart about it and you won't get in trouble. Go to events on campus, you'll never know if it will be fun unless you go!