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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?






And it is semi-true. A lot of people do go home on weekends, however if you try and find people that stay there is a lot to do. People do stay you just have to look for people and things to do.


1. For some reason, the freshmen tend to go home a lot, but as people get more comfortable at Rider, and go up in their years, people tend to go home less and less 2. Rider is just a few minutes away from a trainstation that goes straight into NYC and just 40 minutes from Philly. There are malls and great shopping in the area, especially if you head over to Princeton, which is only a few minutes away. Rider also has a lot of off campus trips to see Broadway shows in NYC, white water rafting, baseball games, and much more. Lastly, there are always events going on on campus. There is no reason for anyone to ever be bored.


Not at all. Are some people wealthy? Of course. You'll find that anywhere you go, but a majority of them still don't piss away money. As for classes, of course there is slight truth to it but for a minute population. Most people go to class and actually study.


They are, completely. But once you get the hang of it, it doesn't really matter.


Not really. Rider is just really small compared to the other schools. I do believe Rider is a good school because I work with stuck up millionaires and they wouldn't lie.


For the most part, they are. However, there is quite a lot to do on the weekends such as bronc buffets, bingo going to basketball games, and off campus trips. Even though weekends at Rider are full of things to do, I do find that a majority of students either go home or travel off campus friday nights and do not return until sunday night or even monday morning; leaving the campus to seem like a ghost town.


Actually, many of the sororities and fraternities on campus require a high GPA. They also look to give back to the community. Many students are not involved in Greek Life, but because of Rider's size that is one of the major social scenes on campus. There is more to do on campus then just drink, because of Rider's location we have New York City and Philly.


It's what the school is most well known for but there are some really strong non-business programs. While the majority of students aren't from that far away there is a community of students, myself included, that live farther away and stay on campus except for breaks




For the most part, but there are always exceptions.


Many students do go home on the weekends and the campus is significantly empty on the weekends. Rider, like any college, is as fun as you make it. The campus shutting down fraternities and making it more risky to party on campus has reduced the overt partying at Rider, making it appear to be less fun, but if you have found your own group of friends you can make your own fun.




Yes and no!! Yes because there is an enormous amount of money within the student population at Rider, as well as it is very cliquey. Although you do get a select group of students that attend Rider because they get very generous financial aid packages and they are great students who don't care about the Greek focus and are a true value to Rider.


Yes and no. Rider IS expensive, but in no way is it like taking classes at the Ritz. Yes- it's hard to go to an expensive private school unless your wealthy..or really really poor that the school gives you obnoxious amounts of financial aid. Rider can be considered a suitcase school if you want it to be because most of the people who attend don't live too far, but in general there's always a lot of people here - even in the summer.


yes....and yes.


I'd say half the students are probably smart and the other half don't care much about school work. And it was only the past year we had alot of people kickin the bucket. The ones due to drugs and alocohol were the ignorant, stupid kids that go way past being drunk.


It is true for some students but I have met many nice and friendly students like myself.


Nope not at all. Everyone on campus is different but we all pretty much get along.


Definitly not. My sorority has the highest gpa on the campus. We study and all do well in school. We help out the community with community service and fundraisers. This school is very demanding of its academics. A lot of students take their educations very seriously.


alot of people do go home on the weekends and a few have died but it was their own fault


No, these stereotypes are not accurate.


No, there not. The people that go home miss out on what college is all about and they realize this and eventually start staying, also as long as your not a jerk, you wont get in trouble.


Depends, yeah we have had a few incidents but the university is trying more to control such events. The students do seem committed as much to classes, etc as they are with partying to relieve stress and have fun.


It depends on what side of campus you are on. If you are involved with Greek Life than you will always have something to do no matter what day of the week, however, the stereotypes are true if you live in the residence halls on the other side of campus. Weekends are dead and boring. On the night life aspect the campus has changed a lot in that aspect, it is no longer a crazy party school but if you make the best of the situation it will provide you with plenty of good memories.


NO WAY! Most of us are good kids from good neighborhoods who just like to have fun like everyother college student out there. The older people such as teachers and people in the neighborhood act like they didn't go out and party when they were younger. They are the reason that the drinking age went back up to 21. They couldn't handle drinking at 18 and ruined it for everyone else.


nope, i got a lot of academic money to go here and am far from rich as are a lot of athletes and students at rider


I don't think so.


Not fully. There are some regular people around.


For the most part... a lot of the kids ARE rich and stuck up, I hate it. Way too many people party, and I have to deal with hearing the loud music, the throwing up, and I have to pay for the things THEY break. It pisses me off. While the policies are supposedly strict, hardly anything is done about it. And there are a lot of high school rejects at Rider, but also a lot of other people are very intelligent, but don't get noticed for it outside of the school. Our reputation is brought down by the rest.


for the most part


A lot of people do go home because they feel there isn't anything to do. I think Rider is very safe, people just do stupid things no matter what school you are at.




Yes lots of people do go home on weekends. If you are involved in extracurricular activities there is plenty of things to do on the weekends however.




somewhat through certain incidents


no, i believe that any school can be a party school because the students chose the way they behave and if they chose not to drink and party then they won't. There are always a few students that are going to chose to do the opposite but that does not mean that everyone has to do it. There are many activities around campus for you to stay active and doing something without having to drink.... The stereotype about rider being a backpack school is partially true.. about 50% of the student body go home but i barely went home and i always had friends that were around and i always found something to do.


Well, I made 'em up, so I think they are.


Every school which has people coming from the local area is a "suit case" school. If students want to go home they are going to. However there is always something to do for students who choose to stay.






No they are not accurate. In the past a majority of the students went home on the weekends. But this past year and in the future, Rider has been planning many events to get the students to stay on campus. Clubs and organizations have become active in this goal as well and plan big events for the weekends. The school prides itself on diversity and understanding diverse cultures, peoples, and their ways of life. Our population is growing and the student population is becoming more diverse. Parties are at every school, if you want it you can find it. But that's not what the school is all about.