Rider University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the food.


The educational cost may be considered expensive, but I think that it is worth the investment.


The level of diversity. It is a private university, which i think intimidates minorities. The percentage of all races other tham White is below 10.


The worst thing about Rider is the tuition. It's a great school, and I love it here, but I always think about how much money I'm going to have to pay back in student loans after I graduate. It's a definite killer. If I could go back, I definitely would've looked for more scholarship money.


I dread even mentioning the financial aid office because I think it is the worst part of my school every time I have been down there there has always been some type of bad news, the worst as of yet being that I didn't have enough in my financial aid package to cover my fall semster's past due balance and as a result I would not be able to register for the upcoming spring semster courses. Thankfully the issue has been situated and I am now in the position to register.


The worst thing about my school is the food.


Most students do not stay on campus during the weekends, so sometimes it can get boring here. I also don't like that there isn't much to do that is close by the campus. After finishing work, most people like to relax and/or do something fun, but there isn't much around here to do. This also makes it more difficult to make friends and connections.


The way the administration is run really detracts from the school in my opinion. There is not enough time spent on creative solutions (or solutions at all) to issues with facilities, financial aid, issues with staff, etc. It makes the school seem weaker when those in charge appear to the students as completely incompetant.




Academic advising. They never recommend how to plan course program forward


The finacial aid department is not helpful in the slightest. The do not provide alternative sources for paying for school. If you are not able to get private loans do not expect them to help you. The finacial aid packages are very small and they are only used to dealing with your basic sign here for private loans types of students.


If your not in a frat/soritory you do not belong.