Rider University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?




It is a school for rich snobs.


Since it is a wet campus everyone drinks.


The biggest stereotype is that Rider is a suitcase school.


1. Rider is a suitcase school 2. There is nothing to do around Rider


The students are rich and don't care about spending money. No one goes to class until right before finals.


It's a suitcase school. And it really is. Most of the people who go are from New Jersey, so, naturally, they go home on weekends. Sure, that means there isn't much to do on campus. The surrounding area makes up for it though. Every shop you could ever imagine is within 10 minutes, it's perfect. People wise, everyone is differant. There are those people who are still stuck in high school and just do not like you if you aren't like them. Then there are those who are friendly and open to meeting new people. You really have to make an effort and stick yourself out there. There are great people there, it's just a bit of work to find them.


Depends on what you mean. Schools like TCNJ and Princeton think we're probably stupid, lesser educated students. Then again, when I tell certain people where I go to school, they say Rider is a smart school with a great business program. And after a couple years of being here another stereotype is that the students here are either smart kids or they are athletes.


I think students tend to drink more, including underage drinking but do it more 'stealthily' because of the strict alcohol policy. The strict alcohol policy is due to the death of this one kid, but then again, it was the kid's fault for binge drinking in the first place- i think that everyone is out to break the alcohol policy. We are not all rich brats.


Our school is stereotyped to be an expensive institution where there is absolutely nothing to do on the weekends, and the all of the students tend to go home rather than stay on campus.


There really are not any major stereotypes about Rider or Rider students. After the incident in Greek life, many prospect students think that the Greeks on campus are very rowdy and all they do is party. It's also another misconception that all Rider students are involved in drinking or in Greek Life.


That all Rider students are business majors from New Jersey.


Rich white people Not really smart Back up school


I think some stereotypes about Rider is the area in which it is in. Lawrenceville, New Jersey is close to Trenton which some may think is not such a great area. My campus is located in Princeton which is roughly twenty minutes away from the Lawrenceville campus, but I can say that everytime I've been on that campus, I've felt at home just as much on my campus.


That it is a suitcase school. That everyone is from New Jersey.


Rider is a suitcase school and it's not really fun anymore since the DeVercelly incident.


Suitcase school


Stereotypes about Rider students would be that it is a "money" student body that is very Greek. I would have to agree with this! When you see kids driving around in cars that are nicer than most parents or even facualty, there's something wrong with that. Also there is a very high emphasis on Greek life (while this may change in the future due to recent administration changes), this creates an environment that is very cliquey.


People think Rider is all parties and hot rich kids. A lot of people feel that Rider is a suitcase school.


drunken business major frat boys. girls who are hot but really stupid.


I keep hearing Rider is a smart school and more recently alot of people die here too.


Rider students party hard, shun certain people, and have little respect.


A lot of people feel that it's a lot of rich and snotty kids.


The greek life on this campus tends to get the stereotype that all we do is drink and party. I honestly am not sure about general stereotypes about Rider students. I would probably say we drink too much, basically because of the death of Gary.


Everyone goes home on the weekends so many people die


Since Rider University has a significant accepted ratio, most students think Rider is not a good college. Some people think Rider University's students are high-class snobs because it is such an expensive school.


That everyone goes home on the weekends and you can't have fun here cause the rules are to strict.


"Party School" at times because we had a few incidents that made the news.


Some stereotypes include the school being a commuter school where everyone goes home on the weekends, also Rider is typically looked at as a boring school with no night life.


That all we like to do is party and that we are bad news. Just because one kid made a mistake and drank himself to death and another kid NOT FROM THE RIDER MAIN CAMPUS overdosed on heroin doesn't mean that we're all like that.


that rider is a easy to get into school where dumb, rich kids go


Its a private school so people think that alot of rich stuck up people attend Rider.


All from Staten Island. Everybody is a guido.


That they are all rich, that it's a party school, that we're dumb


mostly spoiled rich kids from local area


That a lot of people go home on the weekends. Also that it isn't safe to go there because of the past issues.


That everyone goes home on the weekends. Also that we are a major party school, since Gary Devercelli died.


Rider is a suitcase college.


We kill people...




you may be scared that rider is a party school because of all the many deaths that occured in the past year another stereotype is that rider is a backpack school where a lot of students go home on the weekend


On the Rider campus, everyone lives in sweat pants. On the Princeton campus, everyone lives on coffee.


That its a suitcase school


Commuter school, not a weekend school


Rider is primarily a school for those students who live in the area and have the money to go. They usually don't know what they want to do but their family also attended Rider, so they go without a thought and waste their education.


Some sterotypes are as follows: it is a party school, it is a suitcase school, it is not diverse


One stereotype about the school itself its being called a "suitcase" school. Yes, many students go home on the weekends, but this stereotype leaves out the majority of kids who stay on campus. There are a lot of people from New York and farther distances, not all have their cars so they can't go home. If you enjoy the school, you won't WANT to go home.