Rider University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I liked the campus. There is alot of open space to relax. A huge complaint is that many students go home for the weekend which is true. The professors at Rider know there stuff and are very helpful. The only problem is that Rider accepts alot of dumbasses. The school is way too expensive. It is a rip off. If you are rich and like to spend then Rider is a great place. On the other hand if you are poor, then it is a good place as well due to there EOP program. The students in this program get to attend Rider for almost nothing. However, if you are middle class you will end up with a funny amount of loans and are better off going to a public school.


I love the sense of community at Rider. Its small, but not too small. The people are so nice and faculty truely want to help.


Best thing about Rider is the fact that you are able as a student to get to know your professros and admins well. Which leads to me saying that Rider for me is just about the right size, if anything I wish it would be a little bit bigger. HOwever this summer they are building two new residence halls so, we are becominga bigger campus. Also a lot of people who go to Rider don't even know that we have two campuses. Rider's campus is in Lawrenceville and we have our West Minster Choir College (of Rider) on our Princeton campus. One thing I dont like is when I tell people I go to Rider they look as though I go to a second-rate school. But much to their dismay Rider is a top school in New Jersey and highly ranked by many college magazines. Rider, academically is a good school. One maojr down side to Rider is that Rider is not located in a college town. About 7 miles down the road is Princeton, which is nice but right off our campus borders is a residental area. OUr last big controversy would be when Gary DeVercelly died from bige drinking the spring of '07. Then following that their was another tragic death of a West Minster student, Justin who died from a heroin injection. Yes this is all bad publicity but it doesn't affect academically our school. Because of the death of Gary there have been many drinking policies tha thave been changed along with our policies. Rider does have a lot of school pride, we may be on the small size but small hardly sums up the pride we have for Rider. Basketball is the biggeset sport on campus and the games are always filled. We won the regualr season of our conference and got second in the post season. Chartered buses filled constatnly to drive up to albany, ny to watch Rider compete in the post-season. I went to one and that was one of my greateset memories. The most complaints from students refer to there not being enough to do on weekends. And I agree for the most part. RIder is trying to change the weekends but there is still a lot of improvement that is needed.


I love the size of Rider. It is big enough that I am always meeting new people, yet small enough that I never feel like I'm roaming the campus alone. I always bump into people I know wherever I go. Furthermore, since the classes are small, every teacher knows my name, and I get individualized attention because of it. I also love how the campus is mostly student-run. All the programs and events that go on, are put on the by the students. This is truly a campus for the students, by the students. There are over 100 different clubs and organizations on campus, and if we're missing one that a student would like to have on campus, they are more than welcome to start the club on their own. The people are so friendly and the whole campus has a comfortable atmosphere. If someone is looking for a campus where you can walk outside and see people tossing a football, or tanning when the weather is nice, then this is the school to go to. If I had to change one thing about Rider, though, it would be to have the admissions office a accept fewer people from NJ and more people from out of state. 70% of the students at Rider are from NJ and therefore the students tend to go home, even for just a day. If there were more students from out of state, then there would be fewer people going home on the weekends. When it comes to Basketball at Rider, it is one of the biggest sports we have. The Bball games are AMAZING and so much fun, especially when they are televised!


I think Rider's population is just right. You pretty much know who everyone is, but at the same time always meeting new people. It isn't really set in a college town but as long as you have a car you are set. Princeton is 5 min to the left and Trenton 5 min to the right as well as New Hope Philly NYC AC are all just a decent drive away. As long as our sports teams are doing well there is school pride.


Rider has an amazing campus. Everything is within 5 minutes walking distance. You could live on the opposite side of campus, and get to the other side easily. And in the middle is the Student Center, Dining Hall, and Bronc Diner. It's made so easy. The size is just right.


The BIG picture with Rider is that it's not very BIG at all. It's a small campus and after a few months everyone's face is recognizable. I love that part of school though, being able to walk to class and saying hi to 10 different people. And most everyone at school is friendly, sure there are some assholes walking around thinking they are hot shit, but most people are pretty laid back. The best days are the sunny warm days where everyone is outside hanging out. Nothing beats hanging outside, using the campus grills, and having a few drinks in the sun before you head over to the best place on campus on a Thursday night, the Rider PUB!


You're kind of in the middle of nowhere. It's nearly impossible to find a good off campus party or bar or club. There is a pub on campus, however you can't really do much. If you don't own a car- you'll find it hard to get to a grocery store or get out at night. It's really expensive to go to Rider- and they don't offer full academic scholarship, only full athletic scholarships. The dorms are pretty much run down. If you're unlucky, you'll end up in a dorm without air-conditioning and have to survive the summer/beginning of the fall semester on your own. There are only a couple new buildings which people fight to get into. However, the rest have old furniture, most of which have already started coming apart. The dormroom I walked into when I first came to Rider, two words: Jail cell.


I feel as if Rider is the right school for me for many different reasons. However, the size of the campus and classrooms are what really won me over in the end. Rider was my first choice school because it was close to home. The campus is big, but not big enough to truly get lost. The classes are smaller and more personal which is something I feel comfortable about. All of my professors have been amazing so far, with some small exceptions. They take the time to get to know you as a student, not just another body in a seat. The campus is beautiful all year and finding my job as student manager for Rider's catering company on campus has been a rewarding experience that I will never forget. From the professors to the students, to the overall atmosphere of Rider's campus, this school has changed my life in the past 2 years alone.


The best thing about Rider is the people. From faculty to students, if there is ever an issue you have there is always someone there to help you. Rider is a small school, but with the increase of acceptance of freshmen, Rider has started to build itself. Many people from my hometown actually have never heard of Rider since most of the student body is from New Jersey. Activities to do on campus vary. From what I have noticed the most active people are the people that take part in organizations or clubs, then they develop friends there. If you choose not to take part in anything, it is going to be harder for you to make friends and there will be times that you will be isolated to your dorm room. With Princeton a few minutes away, many Rider students will take the 10 minute drive to walk around Princeton. Rider's biggest controversies are Greek Life, the drinking issue, and dorming. After the incident last year in Greek Life, Rider has taken action to make it a safer place for students, and have implemented many rules about drinking-- and many students have been fined do to these rules. Like I mentioned before, Rider has started to increase to amount of students that they are accepting, and that has caused a dorming problem with upperclassmen. many 5th year seniors, seniors and juniors have had to move off campus--- we were told that we were going to have housing all 4 years and now it looks like students might not be able to have housing. There is a mix of school pride. Students either love Rider or hate it. Many of the one's that love Rider are the ones that have taken advantage of what Rider has to offer.


The best thing about Rider is the size of the college and the dedication of the staff, I have had some really great experiences with great faculty especially in the science department. As a fairly successful high school student, many of my friends and acquaintances were surprised by my college choice, it is not widely known school. I spend a big part of my time on my academics I take them really seriously, but there is always time for a good time. The school usually has events happening on the weekends and throughout the week, so there is usually something to keep me busy. Rider isn't surrounded by a town at all, to get to almost anywhere you need a car, which most students do have. The administration is usually pretty helpful and dedicated to what they do and making Rider the best place possible. Recently, there has been controversy over the alcohol policy at the school, after the death of a student in Spring 2007. It was a huge shock to the Rider community, and after legal action the university is trying to better format the alcohol policy to best protect the students, and still allow students of age to drink. Many students complain about how they don't feel they are getting the most "bang for the buck", it is an expensive school to go to, and if you aren't very involved on campus, it seems overpriced.


I am so proud of my school. Right after i decided on Rider, I bought my RIDER sweatshirt and I wore that to bits. Everyone loves going to the sporting events and activities they have set up. Even though the alcohol policy is really strict, it's still a ton of fun; they are also making a new policy. The people are great. Theres a good amount of diversity as well as different things to do. The food is actually pretty good. I considered transferring out after the first semester, but then I got involved with ZTA ( Zeta Tau Alpha social fraternity) and now I love it. The classes are challenging. Also, everything is in walking distance. No buses or trains to get from class to class. I spend most of my time at my sorority house as well as at the gym. The free classes at the gym are awesome!


Rider is a school built upon community. No matter what campus you are on, you're a family. Colleges and college life will always have their up and downs, but no matter what happens, the Rider community comes together for everything.


At Rider, sometimes it seems as though they are mainly about money. Every year the tuition goes up, we get more parking tickets, and books cost more. It seems like everything here is more expensive, yet we get less. Also, they took away all campus life. They were worried about it being a suitcase college, and then when they made it a nazi school and inforced no drinking or parties, now everyone wants to go home...not even my parents are that strict.


There are two strengths at Rider that go hand in hand: its location and the quality and reputation of its business school. As an accounting major, I have had an amazing experience and education from the business college and Rider has a strong reputation with businesses. I feel Rider's location has helped them to build this reputation by being in an area that has businesses representing almost every industry. Rider has built relationships with many companies, giving business students many internship and full-time employment opportunities through Rider. I participated in the inaugural year of the co-op program and had an incredibly enriching experience with Johnson & Johnson. That experience prepared me for an internship with KPMG which will hopefully lead to a full-time position. If you take advantage of the programs and opportunities Rider has to offer, you will reap the benefits of your education.


Rider is AMAZING! i LOVE it. Daly's is the cafeteria, the food is alright but, Cranberries and the Bronc Diner.... BANGIN! They have the best food. Here's a hint... get the food plan with 14 meals and 375 bronc bucks. you'll def go through those between all the diners on campus, not to mention Starbucks and Java city. Those are prob the best things on campus. Don't ever worry about finding something to do on campus. There is always something on. SEC works hard to provide activities every weekend for students that stay on campus, but if you're looking for something else.... just walk up and down the halls of the residence halls... you'll know where to go. The Frats are probably the biggest controversy. Rozanski, the pres., hates them. We've had 2 kicked off since last May. The ones that are left though, are really nice. Never had any problem with those boys.


Rider is overall a great university that is located on a picture perfect beautiful campus. It's conveniently located to Philadelphia and New York which makes weekend trips and cultural experiences very easy to come by. Rider also has an above average housing system. Personally I lived in suite my senior year which was really nice, and Rider also offers "pods" and apartments through a lottery systems. The biggest complaint among Rider students would have to be parking, it's farther away and hard to come by, but they are definitely aware of this and working on it. In Rider's defense, parking is FREE and open to all students, including freshmen!! Which is a definite plus! Rider's size is what really made me happiest, it wasn't too big nor too small. Big enough that they were able to offer a lot of great services and experiences, and small enough that you knew people in your classes.


I LOVE Rider. I mean, yeah, of course there are quirks about it that suck but there is no perfect school. It's the perfect size (physically and student body wise). It's pretty, but it needs more trees to sit under. It's not one of those huge schools where football is life but at the same time Rider pride is amazing. Not a lot of people have heard of us if they don't live around here or know someone who goes here. Alumni are an active part of Rider life. Division I basketball becomes life. I didn't even LIKE basketball until I came here. Frequent student complaints: The parking sucks. It's free for everyone, and that's probably the problem.


best thing at rider: radio station thing i'd change: price it's a good size, not tooo small. but could seem small to some. a billion kids died there. well not a billion but a good amount did last year. it's not worth the money. if you find the right group of friends that's great but that is all you will really get out of it.


Rider is one of the most different schools compared to where all my friends go. It's a small ass campus. There are no off campus housing right next to school and nothing off campus is provided through Rider. It's definatly not a college town, but It's a fun ass time if you aren't anti social. The best places to go on campus were the frat parties, until they pretty much shut those down. The second best place to go was the Pod Parties, but just recently this year, the 8 person pod, got spilt in half. So now theres 4 strangers living with 4 strangers... so the pod parties will probably go down the shitter too. There are still off campus houses to party at tho. The ZBT house I hear is a fun ass time and so is the Hockey house. The biggest controversy and complaint would definatly be the alcohol policy. They have tryed to make it so hardcore since that stupid ass kid died, which who i knew and hung out with before, but i have no sympathy. That one incident ruined Rider University's party scene


Rider is a smaller private school situated right outside of Trenton, NJ. It is a perfect size where you meet people every day while becoming familar with the Rider student family. There is a great recreation center where students can relax, meet people, shoot pool, and use the gym. Our tuition money is put to good use as there are many free daytrips to cities, ski resorts, rafting rivers, and other great attractions. Public transportation is extensive and gets students to the nearby small artsy town of Princeton or the get metropolis we call NYC.


Rider is just the right size it is not to small or two big. I feel like on weekends a lot of people go home. I particularly don't go home because all my friends stay there and if you do stay on weekends it is fun. I spend a lot of time at my sorority house. Something I will always remember is joining a sorority because going into college I was strongly against it but now that I pledged, I absolutely love it and would never change anything about choosing to join. There is a lot of school pride. Our basketball games are crazy there is always a ton of students there and the last couple even got sold out.


Rider is a great learning environment. It is small enough to get to know people and become close to your roommates, suite mates, or class mates. The teachers are all very helpful and concerned about the education of the students. There tends to be a lot of school pride, however, it seems to be lacking from certain groups. Having a football team or more support from fans for the existing sports teams could be improved.


Riders pretty cool. Overall, the dining hall aka Daly's is pretty good. They usually have something I liked and I am pretty picky. Also, Rider has Cranberries which is like a cafe. They make your food to order. Its good. Theres the Bronc Diner, which is good for the late night munchies. Theres also like a mock wawa or 711 aka the C Store. The best part of all of this is you get 375 "Bronc Bucks," to spend on all the junk! Join Greek Life. A lot of time youre friends will go home on the weekends, but the Greeks dont. They stay and hang out with each other. Its a great way to have a bond with usually around 50 people. With greeklife theres ALWAYS something you will be doing.


Rider University is an amazing school with amazing people. I have experienced many of my best moments already at Rider University. Everyone I have met is kind and caring. The professors care about what the students learn and what knowledge they gain from their courses.


Rider is just a great place to spend your college years. There is always something going on and the people are SO nice here. For me, the school is the perfect size. Its not huge where you get lost, and its not to small where your stepping in each others business all the time. Its the perfect size to know enough people but still be able to meet new ones all the time. When people here that I go to Rider they say they have heard good things about the school, especially the acedemics. Most of my time is spend around the dorms, in the Student Center, or in the Rec Center. We dont have a college town, but Princton is RIGHT down the road (literally a 5 minute drive). Also if you dont have a car there is always public transportation. Riders administration has been through a lot over the last two years, with a few unexpected tragedies on campus, but they have done a great job getting through it.


The best thing about Rider is the campus life and students. There is such a diverse group at Rider so you really get to experience a lot of different things. Classes are just right, the administration can be extremely helpful and professors are reasonable. Of course like any university, there are some professors that you should try to avoid as they are less helpful and give an impossible amount of work, but for the most part there are a lot of professors that understand you are taking other classes and try to be reasonable with the work-load. There is definitely a lot of Rider pride when it comes to sports, especially Men's basketball this year because we had upcoming-NBA star Jason Thompson leading the team this year. We also have "Rider Pride Day" - wednesdays, when we should wear cranberry (school color). The most frequent student complaint is probably about parking because despite many additions of parking lots, there are still a lot of times where people are parking in the wrong places, etc. Security also has a ball writing tickets CONSTANTLY, especially if you are parked in the fire zone (which is most of the campus!).


Rider is a good school no doubt about it, but it is the people not the institution that make it that way. It is a small school and unfortunately it seems like everyone knows about everyone elses business. If I could change one thing it would be to go to a bigger school, however the campus feels like home once your there and in the end there would be no way I could ever see myself at a different school and miss out on all of the great lifetime friends I have made.


The best thing about Rider is graduation in 2010. No really thats the best thing. I love the people there though, they are all awesome. The school is a good size I think. I went to something smaller and it was just like going to high school again. When I tell people I go to Rider they're just like Oh. Not like oh really thats a good school or wow how do you like it? It's always just Oh. I'm ashamed to tell people that I go there because they look down on us because of all of the bad things that we're always in the news for. Most of my time spent on campus is with friends, although this year we're not even allowed to have an entire pod (4 people in 2 rooms, a common room, 2 bathrooms, and 4 people in another room) that are all our friends because they don't want us to "have parties". Also they keep letting more and more students in so there isn't guaranteed housing for anyone. They are making doubles triples. Even for upper classmen they are doubling triples which is rediculous. The administration doesn't know what the hell they are talking about and are not eager to help students at ALL. Half of the teachers there don't speak english and are just hired because they have a masters from some ivy league school. I mean thats great that they have their masters but if I can't understand them then how am I supposed to learn anything? I have found very very very few professors who are actually here because they want the students to excel. A lot of the teachers have a "I get paid either way" kind of attitude and it sucks. There is no college town. Its a school in the middle of a neighborhood. You HAVE to have a car if you want to go ANYWHERE. You can't walk to anything. You could walk to 7-11 but it would take a looong time. You also have to go on the highway to get anywhere. The biggest recent controversy on campus was probably housing. They screwed so many people over. Rider administration is a lot like high school..if you want to get anything done or if you want to get anything period you have to have your parents call and scream and talk to the right people. One experience I'll always remember is the two days before ZBT got kicked off campus. We had a hall party how college is supposed to be. We weren't confined to rooms or acutally, not even allowed to have a party at all. If there is more than I think 6 people in a room at one time it can be considered a party so BEWARE. Also parking sucks. The only way you can park near your dorm is if you're a part of greek life. Other then that you have to trek across campus.


Rider is the perfect size campus it's small which is great and is in a great location in NJ. It's very close to Princeton and Route 1 where there are plenty of things to do. The only thing is there are no places that people can really walk to so having a car here is really necessary.


The school is really small so everyone basically knows everyones business. Its fun to live there. Were located in Lawrenceville township so it is in a fairly nice, safe location. Recently, the Rider community had to experience a tragic death of a student, and because of that alot of Rider's drinking policy's have changed. The school is really laid back, and hardly anything real crazy goes on there. I'd say there is alot of school pride because of what happened my freshman year, and the school's basketball team gets alot of fans to come out. I'd say the best time at rider was my freshman year first semester. I had a blast meeting new people and goin over to the frats and havin a great time.


Not a college town. Partys are scarce nowadays.


If you like a small-town feel and you don't want to be in the city, Rider is really great for that. It's a beautiful campus, mostly in the spring. Most people don't leave campus very often, there isn't much to do in the surrounding town unless you head into Trenton...and who wants to do that? But Rider has been working on providing a lot more to do on campus.


big suitcase school, weekend life is mainly greek.. not much school spirit. a lot like high school. very cliquey. the relatively small classes are nice, but it does make attendance an issue. Try to be a least kind of nice to everyone- you always see someone you know-- better all those people aren't people who don't like you.


It's great place to learn. Some people go to college to drink and party. Rider isn't that place. Rider is where you go if you want to succeed.


I love Rider. I have so much to do here all the time. It is a very welcome and opening school. I would probably bring the capmus closer to my home if I could change anything. The size of Rider is just right. I love how it's a small tight-knit community. When I tell people I go to Rider, they usually say "Oh. Where is that?" Most of my time on campus is spent EVERYWHERE! I'm never in one place too long. There isn't much of a college town within walking distance, but if you have a car, Princeton is just down the road. Rider's administration is pretty good! If they can't help you, they will take you to someone who can. The recent big controversy on campus was ther raise of tuition. There is a good amount of school pride. Especially around basketball season. Rider is unusual because it is the most "homey" campus I've ever been to. An experience I'll always remember was moving in on my first day, and how scared I was. Students complain about the food the most. After a while, it all tastes the same. But I've had a LOT worse.


Rider has gone down hill in the past few years due to incidents on campus. It is not as much fun as it used to be, and this is coming from someone who doesn't have to drink to have a good time. The location of the school is nice though. For people over 21 there are a lot of great places to go for the night life. The location is also ideal because it is right in between Philadelphia and New York.


Boring and the school hates us


I love the food at Daly's and the SRC is so awsome.


I love rider. i think it is just the right size for a school because it is not too small but not too big. You get to meet lots of people and no matter where you go you will always see someone that you know. And if you end up in a situation where you dont know anyone, it is easy for you to go up to people because rider students are very nice. Not everyone has very much school spirit but the basketball games are really popular and many times you have to get tickets in advance in order to get in because so many people want to go.


I took one class on the Rider campus, and it was like being in high school again. You didn't have to do much work to pass the class, I just showed up and got my coffee fix covered (Starbucks offered on campus = godliness.) Westminster campus, though I admit there are a few gems, is littered with really terrible teachers who have, to my face, admitted that the subject matter was "bs," but they were teaching us a very important lesson of how to do things we don't want to do because our careers will be full of it. You have to be very self motivating, unless you are very lucky to find a mentor that'll talk you through tough times. This feat is very hard. Politics are intense here, so if you're not in good with certain teachers, good luck passing your Vocal Juries on the first try.


I think Rider is the perfect sized campus. I would definitely change the food there and I wish I could make the town a "college town." I would love if there was off campus housing through the school that I've seen at other colleges. I spend a lot of my time in my room with my friends or else I'm in Daly's eating. The biggest complaint... the food.


Rider's strongest claim to fame is Westminster Choir College, something that never gets quite the credit it deserves. It is the only reason people come to Rider from outside the immediate New Jersey area, and despite its music focus, its students in general are much more responsible people and higher academic achievers. Rider has had incidents lately with drinking on campus being an issue, causing the university to supposedly "crack down" on its alcohol policy. However, after the past year of living on campus, I've not seen one shred of evidence of this occuring. Rider calls itself a dry campus despite allowing students who are 21+ to have alcohol in their rooms (thus distributing it among their friends without any trouble) and having an alcohol-serving pub on campus. The Resident Advisors do not enforce the alcohol policy; rather, most of them are in violation of it as well, with the exception of one that I know. Rider's campus is well-maintained and attractive, one very positive thing I can say about it. However, the university is constantly looking for new projects to pour their money into to make their campus more beautiful, while the Princeton campus (Westminster Choir College) gets drastically overlooked. Being the part of the university that draws the most attention for reputable performances and nationally acclaimed events, Westminster should be getting far more money for renovations. I don't simply mean beautifying the exterior of the campus, either, as is the case with most Rider renovations; Westminster's primary recital/concert hall, for example, finally was renovated to meet its fire code this past fall. Scholarship money is also quite unevenly distributed among the campuses. A Westminster entering freshman with an impressive high school GPA and quite high SAT scores might receive 9,000 a year, while a Rider entering freshman with much lower grades, GPA and SAT scores could receive 15,000 per year, a half tuition scholarship. Additionally, the president of the university recently took a large pay raise for himself, making himself one of the highest paid people in this position in the nation, something I feel is completely unjustified after the way he has failed to shape up the school after the alcohol-related incidents as well as something unjustified when we have so many areas where that money is sorely needed. Lawrenceville is not much in the way of a college town, but Princeton is just a short drive or bus ride away, and there is a great deal to do there in the way of entertainment, restaurants, etc. The location of both campuses also provides very easy access to NYC and Philadelphia.


My favorite thing about Rider is the size. We only have 3400 undergraduate students and the campus is small and everything is conveniently located. If I wake up at 9:00 and I have class at 9:10, I can be in my class right on time. Also because the population is small the classes are small and one can really get personal attention. I feel like I know just about everyone on campus. You get really close to your professors as well and they are always willing to help you out. The one thing I would change would be the academic advising here at Rider. Each student is given their own advisor depending on their major who is to assist with course selection and give guidance about the future. However, my advisor has not really been that much help. In essence, the students, faculty, and staff at Rider are one big family. We all know each other, may get annoyed with each other from time to time, but we stick together. If you are looking to have a close relationship with your professors, administrators, and fellow students, Rider is the place for you.


For me, Rider is the perfect size. Its big enough where you feel like your at a college, but its not too large where you are just a name on a paper. The teachers and staff here are genuinely interested in you, they are available to help you whenever you need it. There are programs on campus that are there to help you succeed in your classes. Those things are important when your attending a school. Most time is divided between, homework & friends. How much you like Rider really depends on how much you get involved, find a club that interests you and get started! The main complaints about Rider would probably be the Alcohol policy, in the past year Rider has gone through a rough patch. Changes were made to ensure the safety of the students, and unfortunately some people are very unhappy. If you choose to drink, there are ways around the policy - and if you choose to party off campus there is now a safe-ride program - so don't drive home.