Rider University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


an introvert with extroverted tendecies or business and political science majors


The person who should attend Rider University should be highly ambitious and like a small college atmosphere.


Driven, wanting a good education, willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals.


Any kind of person really, except those looking for an ivy league school with intense classes, or anyone who wants a university with a football team.


Rider University is a wonderful and welcoming community where the instructors provide individualized attention and the overall atmosphere is friendly. For this reason, it is the ideal place for an uneasy or undecided college freshman or transfer student. Additionally, it has incredibly strong programs in business, education and performing arts. So, those students dedicated to such areas will find Rider's departments to be uniquely challenging because of their small size and high standards. Except for those seeking a larger, more populated campus, I can't think of someone who wouldn't enjoy attending this school.


A person would do well here if they enjoy a close learning environment, with small classroom. The teachers care about knowing each of there students. Furthermore, unlike larger universities we do not have a football team or other sport team that takes over the school. While sports are important at Rider, it is not everything.


I think a person who is either used to smaller more quiet environments, or a person who wishes to retreat to a smaller more quiet environment is the type of person that should attend this school. The campus is small and close knit which has its perks,one being the teachers are so willing to work with you and often know you by name, another being it is not difficult to get to your classes not only on time but early as well.


the Kind of student that should attend this particular school is one who is seriously dedicated to their feild of study. A kind of student that has a knowledge of what their passion is. Also the kind of sudent who is open minded and ready to take in new experiences.


Any person who has an open mind and desire for strong education should look into attending Rider University. The campus is uniformly diverse, filled with a plethura of activities to make connections with your peers. Teachers offer their time and assistance to ensure a thorough understanding of basic material, while covering information above and beyond the expected coursework. The academic workload is relatively managable, allowing students to pursue community service, leadership, scholarship, and club involvment- without sacrificing their social lives. Overall this university exceeds expectations, and should enable any student to spread their wings.


A person that should attend this school should be a very funny career driven student but also would like to have get involved with different activites. The campus is small so it is much better to get involved so you get to know more people and that way you are able to have more friends. The person should also just be themselves because they is the only way you can really be to know someone, but their true personality.


A happy, preppy, tri-state area person. One who is focused on academics but not so much that they don't have a social life. Someone who has a balance of both academics and being involved.


Rider is not about the kind of person. Anyone who falls in love with Rider can go here. There is a diverse group of students who attend the University. It is well ballanced and my suggestion is, if you love it, go!


I feel that the person that would best fit at the school is the kind of person thats want to make a difference in the community they are a part of. Every person here is involved in some kind of organization on campus, and work with other groups all the time to make this campus the best that it could be. If you go to this school, be ready to get involved and take your leadership skills to new levels


Someone who is intensely in love with music and has the ability to diffuse drama. Those who cannot handle a lot at once should not consider attending Westminster Choir College (of Rider University). They also shouldn't be too intelligent, as they will be constantly frustrated by the lack of academic standards this school upholds, though if they love their private music teachers enough, it might be still worth it to come here.


Someone who likes small schools and doesnt need a lot to do outside of school.


Someone that perfers to go to a smaller school and likes smaller classes as well. Also, people who are not big into drinking, since rules are strict here now. People who are going to be either business majors or communication majors should also attend this school, since it is well known for both.


Anyone who like tight-knit community, this school is the school for them.


Attending this school, you should be willing to devote your time to homework and independent study. Class punctuality and etiquette is strongly enforced. Therefore, organizatoinal skills are a great plus. The professors here are highly qualified, but they are also greatly willing to help students do well in their classes. There are lots of activities on campus to enlarge one's cultural, as well as social and community skills. So, be prepared to immerse yourself in new ideas and be open-minded!


rider university is a small campus where you will feel at home. if you like the feeling of close friends, small class sizes and professors who care then come to rider.


Anyone should attend this school. It is very diverse in the way people think and interact with each other. It lets people who are strong and comfortable with themselves excel, and it takes people who are unsure of who they are are and helps them find themselves.