Rider University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I actually attend Westminster Choir College through Rider University. However, the only person who may not be happy at Rider University would be someone looking for a public University. Both Westminster and Rider are private Universities, Rider offering many different degrees including general studies and Westminster being the music college. Westminster is audition based for a degree in either vocal, organ, or piano performance as well as music education, sacred music and bachelor of arts degree. Therefore, someone seeking a degree other than these listed under Westminster should not attend.


If you don't like the idea of a small community of students (500-600 people), then you definitely should not attend Westminster.


People who prefer a smaller, quieter environment should not attend this school. It's all about preference because this school is a very diverse and accepting place. No matter who you are, you will be able to find your way.


A person who is career oriented and knows what they want to do. There is not much time to be undecided if you want to graduate in 4 years. Also someone who has their own car, there is not too much around campus in walking distance and it would be very helpful on the weekends!


an introverted person


Someone who likes a very big school and cities.


I would say someone who wants to slack off should not come to this school. Also, if you have a problem being around alcohol, you should not come to this school. Although I don't drink it doesn't bother me when other people do. If anything, I like to think of myself as able to HELP people here. However, I'm sure the party life is just the same or even less than any other college.




People who want a school that is fun on the weekends and has a lot of activities shouldn't attend Rider. It is a good school, but is very boring and there are only a few activites that occur. Most people go home on the weekends and if not they just sit around and hang out. If a person wants to have activities available to them they shouldn't come to Rider.


People who like city life, people who dont want college debt.