Rider University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I would feel that way. I felt down about myself for awhile, because I thought I was not good enough.


I wish I had known that we wouldn't know who our voice teacher is before we arrived. I was lucky because I love my voice teacher (I am a voice performance major) but some people may not get so lucky.


I wish that I had known all of the extra curricular activities offered for free such as rock climbing, ski trips, hiking trips, plays etc. I did not know these existed until my senior year.


Financial aid, scholarship information; how to manage or get more money. Financial Issues--the paperwork is overwhelming and the feedback from a lot of people -confusing; the steps that have to be taken and you never know if you are making the right decisions; you could have done more for yourself, etc.


I wish I knew the conditions of the dorms. Most of them are really poor condition. Also i wish I knew how the food was because the food is very low quality and charge too much for meal plan.


I wish that I would have known that most students go home on the weekends. However, Rider has started doing a lot more events on the weekends to try and get students to stay instead of going home and it has worked.


that westminster Choir College was attached to Rider University. I love Westminster, but I don't love Rider


It was pretty much what I expected. I don't have any regrets.


That going to such a small school is like reliving high school all over again.


The amount of student loans I was going to have to take out to attend.