Rider University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about my school is the size. Family is important to me. This was the first year I ever left home. My school is very personal because it isn’t too big. You don’t get lost on campus or just become another number. Everything is within a short walk. People are friendly and helpful. It is easy to have a good rapport with teachers. They remember their students and are very approachable. I am very comfortable here because I feel like I am part of a family.


The freedom given to students, the student to teacher ratio, and the location of the campus


The best thing about this school is the academic program because it really prepares students for their careers with real life experience.


I love that everything is located on one campus. Everything is extremely easy to access. Also for those who live on campus the dorms are fairly nice.


My school gives me so many opportunities to try new things every day. There are several clubs, organizations, campus events, on-campus jobs, and workshops offered to better myself and my future. Not only does participating in all of this allow me to meet new people, but it also helps me to become a well-rounded person as I am exposed to a variety of different activities.


not a big campus everyone ;has a security level. The school seems organized and trys to stay on top of any issues we as the students have going on during the time spent there. They try to stay on a feel at home level-even though it seems as if a lot of people go home on weekends. I live close enough to go home, but need to learn how to have a campus life and learn to live on my own.


I think their business programs are the best. They have a lot of connections with local and national companies. With a lot of experienced staff at Rider in the business program, I feel it will help me succeed throw college and my professional life after.


I love the faculty at my school and most of the professors I have had are always available to talk to. I feel that I could go to almost any one of them for help even in a person situation. The faculty at Rider love to see students succeed and its very appreciated.


The best thing about Rider Univeristy would be its close-knit community it brings. It is a priate school, so it is small, but not too small. Everyone here acts as one big family and when something happens, good or bad, everyone seems to come together.


I think the best thing at this school is the academic life. I really enjoy going to class. Almost all of my professors have their doctoral degrees and the class sizes are small enough to get to know your professors individually. I love that. I really feel like they are teaching ME and not just a class.


The best thing about Rider University is definitely the academics. The teachers are all experts in their field, and they challenge us to think deeply about the topics explored in class. I have expanded my horizons from attending this university and am sure that I will have no problem finding a job when I graduate.


The Greek life.


The best thing about Rider is that the majority of the people attending are alot like me therefore it was easy to make friends


The classes are small which help you be more attentive in class and you get to know your professors.