Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The student is very friend and outgoing as well as the instructor. The class size is not large or overwhelming.


Ringling College of Art and Design is best known for their programs. The majors in which students can take are Computer Animation, Game Art and Design, Illustration, Photography, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Business of Art and Design, Film, Motion Design, Graphic Design, and Advertise Design.


Ringling is rated by 3D Magazine as the best computer animation school in the US. The Illustration and Game Art and Design majors have also gotten a lot of attention. Ringling is among the best art schools in the US. It has a good reputation.


All aspects of art from illustration to animation and everything in between. Many big companies like Pizar, Dreaworks and Disney vist my college often because of all the talent that Ringling College of Art & Design help produce.


We have top rated film and nursing programs.


Computer animation, graphic design and illustration.


computer animation, illustration, and graphic design


Teaching you to reach to find the best you can be. Always making you think farther than you have ever thought of. Coming out knowing who you are and what you will do, career wise. And LOVE IT!


Ringling is best known for how well they perpare you for the real work feild when you graduate. They put you in real situations and give you deadlines you have to meet. They are known for having the best professors and a school full of talent young artist who are all ever helpful.