Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

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This school has amazing technology and great student-teacher ratios. Every student gets their own MacBook Pro and there are labs open to go to whenever you need them.


Ringling really works to help with your craft and skills, and I belive the level of the instructors and the education is very high. Also for an art school it is very community oriented, which is different in a positive way.


Ringling, unlike the other schools I had considered, offers many opportunities to meet with future recruiters as well as provide critique and advise that will help its students take the right path to success in their future career.


It's a top-tier art and design college focused on Computer Animation, Game Art + Design, Illustration, Graphic & Interactive Communication, Motion Design, Digital Film, Photography, Advertising, Business, and Fine Arts. We have industry professionals from places like Disney and Hallmark teaching our classes, as well as recruiters coming from companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks, Apple, CNN, Hallmark, Disney, American Greetings, ReelFX, LucasArts and even the CIA that hire our students for Internships and Full-time positions. Our Student Life is very involved on campus as well as with the surrounding community. We always have volunteering opportunities available.


It has a very positive and constructive culture, the program is really difficult and challenging, but it helps me grow as a student and as a person.


we are an art school, but a lot of the people on campus are very socially conservative, something I thought I would never see


The quality of the programs of study available is well above most other art schools. It's very warm and there are beaches five minutes away. It's small and fosters a closer knit community, especially with instructors.


Ringling is a unique aand very artistic school that teaches us to be the best artists we can be in our field. The school doesn't try to surppress your individuality, it helps you to coax out your own individual style of creating and thinking .