Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That it has some of the most talented passionate students in their feilds.


How what Ringling wants most is to help Its students and the numerous resources they have available.


When I brag about Ringling, I usually mention its prestige - it is (for good reason) one of the top art colleges in the country, perhaps the world. What really drove this home for me is the number of international students - young people from India, the UK, China, and many other countries, who came to America specifically to study at Ringling. Its media arts programs, especially, are top notch, producing skillful illustrators, animators, and game artists. It seems like every animated or CGI movie of the last 15 years had a Ringling student or two working behind the scenes.


My school is of the most renowned art schools in the world. Location-wise, it is set in beautiful Sarasota, about 5-10 minutes from the beach, and the downtown area is a fantastic place for shopping and site-seeing. Education-wise, Ringling does wonders for my prospects. Disney hand-picks the majority of its employees from this school, as well as dozens of other major corporations and companies. It's a hotspot for job oppurtunities and career choices, and those who attend Ringling have the advantage over many other art school students.


I brag most about the teachers. I have loved all my teachers and have learned so much from them. They offer real life experiences that I will be able to use when I have my own career.


The professors, and the freedom.


It's in a beautiful location, minutes from the beach. Also the classes are small enough so the instructor or professor is always available to help each individual. Everything is very hands-on and focused.


It's place among the national art schools in the world.


How highly it is ranked nationally and internationally. Along with how the name alone gives the upper hand when looking for jobs.


It's known as one of the top schools in the world for certain fields of study which it offers and, and the top school in the U.S. as well. Top of the line equipment is provided for us, and we have a nice localized campus as well as centralized dorms and housing. It has a nice atmosphere and good student support, teaching staff and faculty, along with good student programs and activities on and off campus.


i guess we brag most about where our friends that graduate here end up. and the big deal artists that come to talk to us