Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Picture someone shining with dedication and commitment with a passion to succeed and be part of projects with top companies in the world that is the person who should atten Ringling College. Physical appearance does not matter here. You would think that because it was an art school, we would all have our hair dyed, but no, the college ranges from jocks to the game geeks to the short wearing film majors and the shy photographer.


Anyone who wants to follow their passion and achieve their dreams.


The kind of person that should attend Ringling School of Art and Design is one that is determined and passionate about their career choice. They must be focused and willing to spend most of their time on their work.


This school is for people that are very passionate and dedicated when it comes to Art, Animation, Design, etc. Although the coursework is rather tough, you certainly have a strong chance at finding a job in your chosen career field. Even if you've felt left out from society before, that certainly won't happen here. Everyone gets along well together because we all share common interest. We have students enrolled here from all over the world, including atleast 48 of the United States as well as atleast 25 other countries. Just about anyone can feel welcomed here.


Only someone who is truly passioniate about becoming a professional artist.


very very focused on art, willing to devote for ever to their work


Someone who's artistc, yet wishes to find a sturdy career.


Students who are passionate about their art. Those who wish to succeede through hard work and dedication. This school is near a beach however it is not located in a "party" town, thus students should not expect such and environment. New students should be open to new ideas, personalities, race etc.


Very artistic people that are really willing to work hard at their studies. Students that are serious about their future and are not affraid of being critizised for their work.


Any artisticly inclined person who is creative.


A person with and open mind and heart for art and their community, without either, the tree will block the view of the lush forest beyond.


Students who are looking for education in the arts. This school does not have any sports.


Someone who loves to learn, is open minded, and draws for fun is the type of person who should attend this school.