Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I took my tour at ringling with high expectations and hopes of it being the incredicle school people say it is. It turns out this school was even better than expected and exceeded all expectations. I was blown away by the profesinalism of the staff and current students. The overall atmosphere of the campus is refreshing and motivating. I was very impressed by the programs and internship the school has to offer. If feel very sure that ringling will prepare me well for my future.


The best thing about Ringling College is having recruiters from the industry coming to campus . During a year at Ringling about fifty recruiters visiting Ringling College. Recruiters like Disney, Cartoon Network, Blizzard Games, Laika, and Wieden + Kennedy give presentations and show work along with having time for questions at the end. This is the number one thing why I like the school and why I chose it.


The quality of education, the amount of resources openly available...the faculty and staff and counselors have been wonderfully accomodating and helpful.


If somewhere were visiting Ringling College of Art and Design, the first thing they would experience would be total silence, but once they advance more steps and exploration begins, they will discover that everyone is inside the labs or library busy at work. The commitment to work that students have here is beyond anyone's wildest dreams. This campus is known for all nighters filled with jittery students walking back to their dorms ghostly like. I feel that the culture embrases the college well and allows people to know who Ringling is.


Ringling is geared towards the motivated artist. The resources at the library and the career center are incredible. Most of the teachers are available out of class for help and care about their students' development. The best thing about Ringling is that you have a lot of opportunities to push your art to the next level. You aren't restricted.


The best thing about the college has to be learning about the different styles of art and how to get inspired to create unique art of your own. I've learned how to draw humans a bit better (not super realistic, but a good representation of it), work in a woodshop, sculpt, sketch, paint, ink, scratchboard, etc (I'm always excited to learn more)--I am hoping that I'll be able to use some of those techniques in a career. Also, I'm taking lots of writing classes, to hopefully and maybe get a career in being an author.


The best part of Ringling is the involvement with your courses and majors. They let you take a couple courses your first year that revolves around your major, which most colleges won't do. Also, the labs are open almost all of the time, therefore you can explore outside the classroom.


The teachers are probably one of the best things at this school since they are all well'known artists in their fields and are experts at a variety of techniques and skills.


The love people have for what they do.


The artistic environment.


Thinking beyond the box. Observing things that you would have never glanced at twice. Understanding mistakes and moving on with realistic critizisim. Freedom to express but not without learning how to get back to basics.


Unlike other art schools, Ringling teaches its students about the business aspect of the artworld. In addition to that, our professors have all worked in the fields they teach, thus having first hand knowledge about what they're teaching us.


I think the best part of this school is the fact that it is small. When you are in a class, it is usually as small as it was in high school if not smaller, and you are treated much more as a name rather than a number.


Overall i would like to say the students. Its like we are one big family. There is alot of different culture which i like., and everybody is willing to do anything to help out other student.


I think the best thing about my school are the teachers. They are people that I respect and know are the best in the field that I am studing for. Teachers care about us learning everything we possibly can, so that we may be as successful as they have been.