Ripon College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The birthplace of the Republican party as well as Harrison Ford attending the school before he was a major actor. It is a small comunity, but this close knit feeling really does create a sense of family and you get to know quite a large portion of the campus (professors, students, and other staff alike).


Ripon is a very connected campus that incorporates the town into the college so that the everyone feels familiar and homey. It has the ability to bring unknowns together for education and meld them together with the traditional small-town feel where everyone knows your name and face.


Ripon is best known for its involvement with the community, the percentage of students who study abroad and the percentage of students who are involved in intramural sports.


Good parties, good athletic teams, small size, friendly campus, expensive, Republican Party


Our school is best known for being a liberal arts school meaning that each student that attends Ripon College will get to experience different fields they would not have chosen as a class without the schools requirements and therefore miss out on other opportunities.


Ripon Good Cookies


The comfortable small community that we are part of and create. Ripon College students also have very personalized relationships with the faculty an staff. We are very close and accessable.


A great liberal arts education. Fairly conservative for a college.