Ripon College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




The food is the only thing about Ripon where I could even complain, and its not terrible.


Its size and its location. The area is beautiful but sometimes I wish we were bigger or in a more exciting town. Also the ease of some of my higher level courses really bothers me and sometimes I feel I am not stimulated enough.


The worst thing about Ripon College would have to be the students on the weekends. Located in a small town Ripon is a safe place but students on the weekends act rude and unethical, damaging school property under the influence of alchohol. The school eats these costs, making the cost more, the worst thing at Ripon.


The bad snow plowing people because it takes awaile for them to clear the snow off.


Sometimes the food in the commons is less than exceptional.


The food has recently gone down hill, and the obsession with making the campus more green is vexing.


The worst thing Ripon College is it's very hard to get A's in your class, because the professors here pushes the students to their limit and expect the students to get about a C's on their testes. This makes it's diffcult for a student with good GPA from high school to have their GPA drop in college.