Ripon College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are looking for a big school where you cannot get personalized attention from friendly, knowledgeable professors, Ripon College is not for you.


I'd recommend that if you don't like being in the middle of no where, you should not go to Ripon. That's basically the only downfall of this school.


Students that like large classes and living in big cities.


People that love huge schools with a lot of people.


People who need to be around a city with lots of stuff happening around them. Ripon has lots of campus events but the surround community is small and mostly farmland outside the town. Ripon is full of a variety of students though; sports, thespians, greeks, indies, musicians, gamers, studious, and many more so as long as a person can survive in a small town atmosphere there is still always something going on and people to do it with.


Someone who is very serious about studies, and who likes small towns.


Anyone who wants any kind of big city interaction.


People who want a large college. There is plenty of little partys on weekends, but that's about it


The type of person hat shouldn't attend this school are people that don't want to work hard in their education, becuase at Ripon College you have to work hard to get the your education. This school is a small school that makes everyone here to feel like a family, so if a person doesn't want to have a feeling of a family at this school than this isn't the right school for them.