Ripon College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I have visited Ripon College once, so I fell in love with the campus and the beautiful weather that it presented. I couldn't be more happier than say that if students like small campus, then Ripon College might be the right college for you.


Books are incredibly expensive. First semester freshman year, you pretty much have to order them through the book store. After that, it is easier to sign up for classes ahead of time and order the books for cheaper online. The bookstore on campus does have some good deals, but you can save a good amount of money by looking online at for example


Upper classmen usually end up in the Quads, and as dorms, they truly suck, but freshman are in some very nice halls. I wouldve liked to know that that switch was going to occur.


I was very well educated on the school I chose before I arrived. I already knew some of the faculty and students to help ease my transition.


I wish I would have known what kind of things I would not be able to do on campus in my department as opposed to what I can do.




There is more alcohol consumption than I was expecting but it is easy to avoid if I so desire and no one pressures me to drink. The additude of the students is much more casual about drinking than I was used to at home.