Ripon College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Ripon College is students and faculties. The involvement of students with the community and the community itself. There are always volunteering and programs that are there to help students in need with academics or problems itself. The campus is a beauty when it hit springs. Everyone comes together to help each other.


The size because you get more one-on-one attention from professors and you can learn a lot more in smaller classes.


The people here make Ripon College. From the students, faculity and staff, everyone here makes Ripon a desirable place to attend college. The relatively small size and easy access to surrounding cities is also a benificial factor.


awesome people, great classes and professors!


Playing sports, being close to friends, variety of classes, because being with friends makes me happy and the sports keep me in shape. and the variety of classes because it helps in deciding my future.