Riverside City College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The school is in great condition and the faculty and staff really care about the students success.


A place to discover, experience and learn what college life is all about.


RCC has the easiest and most accurate formats in registering and finding classes. Very helpful staff on hand and I ove that RCC has very liberal views and people. The campus is big, so the only real headache is parking.


RCC is a good school with a diverse campus and many devoted teachers.


Riverside Community College is a public 2 year institution that has three campuses and serves the communities of Riverside, Norco, and Moreno Valley.


Riverside Community college is a learning resource tool that has expanded my horizons about the options that I have in life, and has helped me to make goals for myself, that i now know are achievable.


A fantastic learning environment with small class sizes that help student-teacher relationships.


Riverside community college is a great way to get an education at an affordable price, kids from all over join rcc for many different reasons for some it could be because it's closer to home more affordable education and for athletes sports rcc has a great sports program for all sports from mens and womens basketball baseball swim team tennis and their track and field team wich happen to be back to back state champions also their are three rcc campuses the riverside campus, the moreno valley campus and the norco campus to further branch out ot more students.


Riverside Community College has been a friendly environment in which many fond memories remain.


Riverside Community College is an open portal to everyone, giving students a chance to work to their potential just as any other college or university would do, but also doing it in a way where students will be able to achieve their goals upon entering the school if they take the course work seriously.


My school has many interesting subjects, a beautiful campus, and great teachers.


My school is a very comfortable atmosphere and learning environment.