Riverside City College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are normally two different types of students in my classes. The first set of students sit in the front of the lecture room, take notes, and enjoy the lecture. The seconde set of students normally just sit in the back, text non-stop, and are only taking the class to get the credits. I am part of the first set of students.


majority of the students are fresh out of high school making quite a few of them immature and for the most part seem to know each other, but you will find some great students who are dedicated on doing well and moving on to a university, along with some older people on the same path throughout the classes and thats the student body.


My classmates are a variety of personalities that have come together for the sole purpose of furthuring their education.


My classmates are hard working, and determined to be sucessfull in the class and pass.


The students in my classes are of all different ages, races, and genders all with the same goal to get a college education they are focused and determined to succeed in the classroom as well as on the court or on the field if they are an athlete like myself.


my class mates are very mature and the majority of them stay focused on the prize, which is passing the class.


My classmates all very diverse: you get slackers and procrastinators, teacher's pets and whiz kids.