Riverside City College Top Questions

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Riverside City College is unique because it is the only junior college I applied to. It comes at a fraction of the price as a four year institution making it the more cost efficent option. This is one unique factioid about RCC.


works around my 2 jobs that i have fulltime and part. courses are amazing get good grasp on all the subject. instructors are detail, neat and organized. The staff and students also instructors are open , polite, and kind.


the school is not exclusive like a csu or uc so there will be a variety of people on campus. most if not all the students will be locals. the school is local and having 3 campuses makes it convenient to attend. if a class is not offered at your campus but at the nearest one, you can totally take that class at the other campus, just have to fit it into your schedule. that way you dont have to wait until next semester to move ahead.


The old century atmosphere with brick buildings and trees makes for a very enjoyable walk from class to class. The school itself has more of a "back east" University feel to it then a Southern California community college. It inspires me to want to get to a large prestigious University.


The cost is definately cheaper and affordable for most ( if not all ) income brackets. Receiving an associates degree than finding a job and getting settled quicker helped me choose this school as well. And if I want to get a hold of a bachelors, masters, etc. I can always make a transfer to a four-year university. And even if i didn't know how, there's a center targeted for that audience. It just has what i need.


Its a well known communtiy college. You can get a pretty good education for a cheaper tuition price, then other schools in the area.


Unlike other schools, RCC is near my house . The teachers that I have had were great, they just do not go through a chapter and move onto another, they prefer having an agreement with the lecture is about; that way students understand the material. RCC has a few teachers who teach without a book, by which saves students money. In addition, since I personally did not need to read out of a book for the class, I understood the class clearly because the instructor provided all the important information to succeed. RCC also has affordable units for anyone.