Riverside City College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who has prepared themselves academically for a 4-year university should not attend this school. Additionally, a student looking to gain employement after graduating this school should not attend, as many of the degrees offered here will not set the student up for employment.


Anybody can attend RCC. It is not exclusionary at all.


Riverside Community College is a place of opportunity for those who wish to further their education, whether they be recent high schoo graduates or senior citizens wishing to keep an active mind. But there is one type of student that should not attend this school. A slacker. If you want to sit in the back of the classroom and "goof around" and fail the class, you are only hurting your grades and the grades of those around you. The teachers at RCC work very hard and deserve the respect of a studius class that is ready to learn.


The people who should not attend this school are people who want to get through college quickly. It will be frustrating to not get the classes you need and if you get on a waitlist for a class you are going to have to wait unitl classes start because it is very difficult to get into a class off the waitlist. If you know what you want to major in then I would recommend that you do not attend this school because you are better off going to a 4-year.


Truly there isn't any type of person who shouldn't or has better interests in attending another school.The staff of Riverside community college does it's utmost to help all students by providing a plethora of programs and services to the student body from mental and physical health services to free tutoring.


You shouldn't attend this school if you're looking to move away from home soon. I believe most people who attend community college do it because it's close to home, friends, a job you like, so on and so forth. The comfort of being so close to home and familiar things may deter you from following your dreams to move off to somewhere else.


I think any one that wishes to further educate themselves should attend this school! The only type of person who shouldn't attend this school, is the kind of person that is not at all interested in developing and expanding their own personal educational goals. Some one who does not take school seriously should not jeopardize the education of others by becoming a distaction in a class and/or taking up precious space in limited registration availability.


I believe a lazy person shouldn't attend this school because he or she should give the opportunity to someone that really wants to study.


Anyone desiring a social life and activities that college aged kids seek.


Any student who is not willing to put forth effort to succeed should not attend this school. As most people know, college requires hard work. Unless one is fully aware of this fact, they are bound to face a harsh reality as they come into the classroom and find their way to the back seat. However, those who wish to have a quiet environment and experience a teacher interested in their personal progress and knowledgeable of their individual goals should not hesitate to become a part of this small community.


A person should not going to school if a person is lazy or nothing to do at home, do drugs, and not interested in anything.


a person that does not want to acheive his or her goal.


Someone who doesnt see having a higher education in their future and someone who isnt motivated and confident in their abilities to succeed shouldnt attend this school


An individual who is not willing to put up a good effort and simply is not ready for college education and all its responsibilities shouldn't attend this school. Not only would this person waste their time and funds but he or she would be taking the spot of a student who is actually prepared to learn and further their education. Also, by taking time to just live life a situation might arise that will inspire them to pursue a certain career path which requires higher education, and thus, the push that is need to take school seriously.