Roane State Community College Top Questions

Describe how Roane State Community College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fun, enviting, friendly, comfortable, cozy. Opon steping inside roane state if you have made the right choice you will know and feel like you are at the right place. sudents and staff are happy go lucky willing to help in any way possible. makes you have a good feeling of security, and knowing you will have no regrets


My school is a "first stepping stone" school. There is the potential to move on, or get an Associates degree, and not have to pay the high prices for a major university.


Small, inimate yet a great enivornment for learning.


Helping as many people succeed as possible.


It is a small, and a good college to start at.


My school is always changing because so many people from so many places attend for just two years and that makes for an environment that is always providing something different and educational to the students who attend.


It is a small community college that allows you learn your way around it fast and lets you begin to learn who everyone is around the school.


My school is very supportive and flexible with a very knowledgable staff ready to help with any questions I have, and they have many locations and opportunities for study to fit the lifestyles of many types of people.